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  1. Have built a decent rig for a Bat Model but cannot figure out how to adjust the capture weights once the Mesh is captured onto the Bone Hierarchy. Whenever I select the “Edit Capture Weights” tool it keeps saying I have no selected Captured Geometry, but I do have my mesh selected. I just want to adjust the Weights of my rig to get a better animation result. Help Greatly Appreciated! Bat-1.hiplc
  2. Sphere Generating Pyro FX- Fire track with Sphere

    Thank you- that is the solution!
  3. Houdini 16 To RealFlow

    Currently trying to get The Houdini to Real Flow Connectivity Plugins to function. I have a simple Sphere modified with Mountain and Smooth nodes, all packed into a Geometry SOP. Whenever I go out Out tab to export my .SD file to RealFlow, I get this Error: Error Cook error in input: The node is not a SOP node. Any idea how to solve this? Is it a Real Flow plugin error or is there a solution I am not seeing? I have reached out to NextLimit for answers as well. I am using Houdini 16 with the latest version of the Real Flow PLugIn.
  4. I am attempting to generate Smoke off of an animated Sphere- yet I cannot get the workflow down for creating this effect. When I move the Geometry the Smoke Volume does not travel with the Sphere. How may I achieve this?