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  1. RBD Freeze

    Trying to do an RBD sim but I get a ton of flicker on the smashed part after it has settled. I cannot seem to apply RBD Freeze as, despite selecting the RBD object, it says I have not selected an RBD Object. This is quite frustrating. Any help or guidance as to what I am doing wrong would be appreciated. Sample HIP file attached. RBD Test.hiplc
  2. POP Kill for Vellum Grains?

    Thanks Noobini- that did the trick!
  3. POP Kill for Vellum Grains?

    I have a POP kill attached to my Vellum Grains sim but the particles just pass right through it without dying. How can I get them to delete after they pass into the bounding box?
  4. Attach vehicle to Ground Plane

    Thanks so much man!
  5. Attach vehicle to Ground Plane

    I am looking for the workflow to attache a moving vehicle to a Ground Plane. I remember a tutorial where you could add a bit of code in the Translate value, but cannot find it. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Tank Tread Animation

    Thank you, but this does not work with my version of MOPs.
  7. MOPs FX

  8. Tank Tread Animation

    I have a tank model and would like to animate the treads. What is the best way to achieve this? I'm no VEX master by any stretch. Looking for a workable approach to this. Thank you.
  9. Have built a decent rig for a Bat Model but cannot figure out how to adjust the capture weights once the Mesh is captured onto the Bone Hierarchy. Whenever I select the “Edit Capture Weights” tool it keeps saying I have no selected Captured Geometry, but I do have my mesh selected. I just want to adjust the Weights of my rig to get a better animation result. Help Greatly Appreciated! Bat-1.hiplc
  10. Sphere Generating Pyro FX- Fire track with Sphere

    Thank you- that is the solution!
  11. Houdini 16 To RealFlow

    Currently trying to get The Houdini to Real Flow Connectivity Plugins to function. I have a simple Sphere modified with Mountain and Smooth nodes, all packed into a Geometry SOP. Whenever I go out Out tab to export my .SD file to RealFlow, I get this Error: Error Cook error in input: The node is not a SOP node. Any idea how to solve this? Is it a Real Flow plugin error or is there a solution I am not seeing? I have reached out to NextLimit for answers as well. I am using Houdini 16 with the latest version of the Real Flow PLugIn.
  12. I am attempting to generate Smoke off of an animated Sphere- yet I cannot get the workflow down for creating this effect. When I move the Geometry the Smoke Volume does not travel with the Sphere. How may I achieve this?