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  1. Houdini Glow Pass?

    Hello! I'm a complete newbie when it comes to render passes in Houdini. How should I set up my mantra to render out glow for an object? I would like the middle crystal glow. There should be a way to mask out the surroundings too right? Thanks in advance!
  2. Houdini Glow Pass?

    How should I render?
  3. Using Lsystem for Cracks

    Hi! I'm trying to create an animated crack effect using the L-system. What I did was project the L-system mesh onto the surface I wish to crack. What should I do next? Is it possible to do the cracks this way?
  4. Using Lsystem for Cracks

    Thanks for the tips guys! @Atom Your file worked well but I wasn't able to use the concept because it's usable only on flat planes. What I did was use the Lsystem, projected it onto the mesh and then used Profile to extract the projected Lsystem. The look wasn't exactly what I was looking for but they resembled cracks so it was good enough!
  5. Using Lsystem for Cracks

    Really excited for it too! Sadly, this is part of an assignment and I have to submit it before the release.
  6. Cracking Simulation?

    Hi! I'm really interested in doing a crack simulation similar to the one in this video: I've tried using voronoi fracture but it's more for complete destruction. Is there a way to control the cracks? Any ideas as to how I can do this? AttribTransfer maybe? I've heard about image generated cracks as well.
  7. Hi everyone! I just registered on this website, do pardon my lack of experience with houdini! I'm currently trying to produce an ash effect. What I did was use attribtransfer to make the faces of a mesh to separate. The floating effect was done using the voronoifracture node and the spring node. I got the result I wanted, the faces rising up as the fire spreads across the object. What I am trying to achieve right now is have the different faces shrink over time. Does anyone know how this can be done? Also, how should I go about doing the shader? Is there a way to make the edges of a mesh glow?