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  1. Hey,

    I recently played around with the network settings, among them was enabling jumbo packages.

    In the following tests i did, i noticed that Writing a VDB over the network was significantly slower than other formats(bgeo, begeo.sc, obj, etc.),
    for me on my current network writing a VDB is about 1/5 of the speed of other formats.

    Local write test show minimal difference, and when writing a vdb over the network it "waits for queued writes",
    it seems to be a network issue and not tied with the actually creating the VDB.

    My current solution is a post-frame script that moves the frame to the server after writing it locally and that seems to be about 3 times faster.

    But i was wondering if anyone could explain it or maybe have a better solution?

    I am defentlitely Houdini novice so i might just be completly be missing some env variable or the checkbox: MOAR SPEED!1!!one1! [   ]