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  1. Sorry, the demo version with Houdini Demo is working well now. My "houdini.env" is : PATH="C:/Program Files/Side Effects Software/Octane_4.00.0.21_Houdini_17.0.352_demo_Win64/bin;$PATH" HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/Program Files/Side Effects Software/Octane_4.00.0.21_Houdini_17.0.352_demo_Win64;&"
  2. Punch Dent Impact Ripple Wrinkle

    Thank you for sharing man !
  3. Atom's Link Page

    That's amazing, thank you very much for this !
  4. Smoke Solver | Tips and Tricks

    Thank you man !
  5. Hello, Is it possible to keep my bubble on the surface of the water, i don't want they die. I have searched inside de whitewater solver, but nothing is working (i have change Collision Behavior, Reap Partciles; etc...) I have somtething strange too : my foam is generated at the bottom of the surface, not on the top !! (liquid in a bowl, the foam is not on top, but between the bottom of the fluid and the surface of my glass) Thank you.
  6. Retime Whitewater Bubbles

    ok thank you (WhiteWateremitter/Attributes/ ADD ID ATTRIB is "ON")
  7. Retime Whitewater Bubbles

    Hello Is it possible to retime a simulation of Bubbles done with WhiteWaterSolver ? (i was tried, but it did not work, because of some reseed maybe) Thx
  8. Houdini particle size in Maya

    Hello, now we are in 2018, anyone gets a solution for this problem please ?
  9. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Merci pour le partage de tes fichiers, cela permet d'apprendre pleins de choses inconnues. a+
  10. Hello, I am an junior FX Artist currently looking for work in Paris.
  11. Canary Surge V2

    Amaaaaaazing !!! Bravo
  12. Juraj's playground

    Thank you very much ! So much talent !!!