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  1. Import Automate with String replace

    Thanks Tomas, The wild card would only grab the correct file, because there is only ever one file in that directory. I will look into a solution using python. Thank you very much for responding!
  2. Import Automate with String replace

    Thank you Alex. I don't think I need frame padding, as the alembic isn't a sequence. I am just wondering how to add a wildcard for the version number? I think the Alembic node in Houdini may not recognize wild cards though. Is that the case? Do you know a work around?
  3. Hi guys, I am trying to automate my alembic imports by using a string replace on my File path. For example: on my alembic File Name parameter I've written the expression - `strreplace($HIP, "home/fx", "fx/waterfountain_v001")`.abc I would like to be able to replace the version number with a wildcard so that it picks up the file regardless of what the version number is, but an (*)asterisk doesn't work. How should that be scripted? Thank you in advance!