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  1. I found some threads asking similar questions but in Houdini 15.. things seem to be different enough in 16, that a noob like me can't figure out how to carry that info over to 16. I have an animated .FBX model from Mixamo. It's a dancing male character. In short, i want him to dance as he does but for his neck and head to be finite elements (soft body, rubber like). So as he dances around, his head is just flopping around everywhere. Seems simple enough.. would anyone be kind enough to assist me? Thank you! I'm including the project file even though it's literally just the dancing model: Dance.hip
  2. Very new to Houdini, coming from C4D. Say i have two spheres in my scene. I want one to be stationary and the other to be an organic tissue that is attracted to the stationary sphere.. So when i simulate the scene, the softbody sphere should fly over and stick to the stationary sphere.I hate to ask what i feel like is such a noob question.. but I've looked around and all i can find on attraction has to do with particles.. nothing on how to attract one object to another. I'm probably overlooking something that's right in front of my face but..how would i go about doing this? Thanks!