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  1. I've been having the same problem. I usually have to decide in advance what frame I want the sim to stop at, but it would be nice if I could cancel a simulation without it deleting the cache. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  2. Any one know how I could proceduraly generate some geometry like this?
  3. Found a really great explanition here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/46886/
  4. I want to start working on a short film next month and my plan is to create as much of it as I can in Houdini. If my film has characters with, hair, and clothing dynamics, what is the best workflow to handle this? Is it possible to have all the dynamics inside the character asset with a switch that turns them on and off? like an animation mode, and then a simulation/rendering mode?
  5. Updated to the new version of houdini and the SBD springs are working perfectly now
  6. I'm pretty new to Houdini and I'm not sure whats the best way to approach this effect. Right now I have a thin cylinder I am using for the string and I converted it to organic tissue in the shelf. then I have a big soft body that I also converted to organic tissue, and placed it on a rotating platform. All of that works great and looks nice when it deforms. But I'm not sure how to attach the rope to the soft body so that it will begin to wrap around it. I tried using a SBD spring and that had no effect. Then I tried using the Stich cloth tool from the shelf. That worked great in "hard" mode, but the two soft bodies stopped colliding. Then I tried constraining the rope to a rigid body, and the constraining that to the bog soft body, it worked but the rigid body kept dragging everything around randomly. I attached my scene of what I have so far. Thanks! rope.hip
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