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  1. Thank you Tesan, this looks great! I'll check out that topic as well.
  2. Hello All, I'm working with attribute noise trying to create a line with only 90 degree angles. I'm pretty close but the line still comes to a point in some spots (see attached). Is there a quick way to fix this or adjust it post attribnoise? Thanks PointNoise_v01.hiplc
  3. Hey all, In the past I've set up primitive groups and then applied forces to specific vellum objects inside of the vellum solver. However, the same set up isn't working in houdini 19 for some reason, did something change? File attached to illustrate what I mean. Thanks!! VellumGroupTest_v01.hiplc Edit: Looks like Pop Speed Limit requires a point group
  4. Out of curiosity, did you find a faster way Janis?
  5. Well, I wasn't googling hard enough. Here's the solution:
  6. Hey All, I'm looking to create a stroke on effect with multiple lines offset in time. I found a thread here that showed a technique for offsetting animated points in a foreach loop but I wasn't able to get it working with my current set up. I believe it's because the point number is changing due to the carve sop but admittedly I don't have very much experience building something like this. Attached is a file, I'd really appreciate any help or advice. Thanks! Line_StrokeOn_v01.hiplc
  7. Hey Tomas, thank you for your quick reply! So if I want sand that is that granular, how would I get it to collide with the cloth? Is my best bet to give the cloth thickness in post or is there a better way?
  8. Hello all, I'm attempting to combine vellum cloth and grains on the sop level but a few things look strange. When I merge them before the solver (like I've done in the past with multiple pieces of cloth) it looks like the grains add little square boxes onto the cloth mesh. I'm guessing these are the grain constraints but I'm not sure. Also, when I run the sim the grains stay above the cloth, never actually colliding with it. I assume the two things are related but I haven't been able to sort it out. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance. Vellum_ClothandGrain_01.hiplc
  9. Hey all, I have a simulation of two pieces of vellum cloth I've glued together. After the sim I would like to snap the points together to make sure there aren't any gaps. It looks good on the first frame but once it starts moving the points update and cause a flicker. Is there anyway to snap the points and keep them snapped? Or is there a better way to do this? I've attached a simplified file, the original sim has more points and is more tangled unfortunately. Thanks! Snap_Vellum_Points_01.hiplc
  10. Thanks Noobini! I haven't used the planar patch, that works really well. I think I will adapt your naming convention as I tweak until I end up with really_really_really_really_really_ridiculously_ simple_flagwind_01
  11. Hello all, I'm looking to create a wind force that flows through vellum cloth in one direction. I feel like I'm getting close with offset on a pop force but it seems like the wind is moving the cloth uniformly all at once and I can't figure out how to fix that. I've attached a reference of the flowing cloth I'm trying to create and a hip of where I'm at. Any help would be greatly appreciated! videoplayback2.mp4 Simple_FlagWind_01.hiplc
  12. Figured it out! In the render flipbook dialogue you have to change the render option to Current Beauty Pass instead of Current Viewport.
  13. Nonetheless, is there a way to save an image sequence without it printed in the bottom corner of every frame?
  14. When I render a flipbook in 18 a water mark from the viewport shows up that reads Indie Edition. This wouldn't be there when I was in 17 but I don't remember if I found a way to turn it off or if by default it was off. When I save out the image sequence it's still there. Anyone know a way to get rid of it? Screenshot attached. THanks, -Pete
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