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  1. Hey guys, I am building a tool that needs to work on variations present in an asset package. And there are several different packages with different number of variations in them. this is what I need to do - on the surface level of my subnet, I need tick boxes[toggle] to turn a certain variation in the package on/off. this is what I have - I have wrangle inside the subnet that extracts the names of all the variations. Is it possible to populate the surface level of the subnet with these strings as labels for the toggle ? I am planning to implement the toggle in a subsequent wangle, depending on which toggles are on, I can delete the variation from the current stream. But the catch is the number variations is not same for all incoming packages. How can I populate the parameter interface of the subnet to pick up the variations from the incoming stream?
  2. I have a large number of wedges, but I used the wedge to simulate different section of one large simulation. Now I need to read them all in and merge them into a single geo. I have 82 wedges, is there a way to bring them in without having to use 82 filecache nodes? I tried to run a loop and collect all the files, I used the iteration detail attribute in place of the wedge to cont the numebr of times the filecache should loop, it doesn't work. i might be missing something, please enlighten me.
  3. Hey James! thanks man! still teaching me after school XD
  4. I take that back, it worked for a test case where i just put geo on each input of switch, When I try with my simulation network it didn't. OK here is some more information, I am simulating particles between pairs of source and destination, i am using a curve as guide for pop curve force from source to destination. But all sets of source and destination are a single geo with different name attribute. I am using a blast driven by switch input attribute to isolate each pair of S-D. So the ROP geo are sourced from same switch node, but the Hscript would change the switch value depending on which ROP geo is being rendered by the merge. theoretically it works [ on test geo] but not if the geos are replaced by simulation in my case.
  5. Hey awesome, thanks man! I don't know how Hscript works, but I dug out this line which works for me oppram -q -r -C -v -i /obj/ge1/switch1/ input (0)
  6. Thank you David, I had forgotten baout the ROP merge! Any idea on how I can drive the switch so that when the ROP merge moves form one node to next it also triggers the switch to move to next input?
  7. I have multiple simulation output feeding into a switch node, and multiple filecahes on the output of it. I want filecache nodes to be generated based on the number of inputs connected to switch. I am looking for a way to make the switch connect to a specific filecache node depending on the input switch selects and be able to save all the filecaches in one go, instead of me having to do it manually.
  8. VEX nearpoint

    Hello OD ones, I am relatively new to vex and houdini but I am going with my guts on this. I want to get the nearpoint P2 on geo2(input1) for every point p1 on geo1(input0). I am doing this in a wrangle node, the wrangle node is in geo1 stream. I have a few restrictions 1) I am running the wrangle on primitives, so I am finding the nearpoint for all the points per primitive, the search is limited to a particular primitive on geo2 that shares a flag with the primitive on geo1. 2)since nearpoint doesn't allow me to make group in geo2(input1) [ or i could have just grouped the points on the specific primitve on geo2 on the run and use the actual 'nearpoint' function over that group]. So using nearpoint is out of question [or is it?] 3) So I wrote the code of how I think nearpoint would work [find distance from P1 to each point on the primitive on geo2, asign it to array and get the minimum value of array and find the ptnum of the point with the min distance value.] 4) but this is taking too long to run since I have hundreds of thousands of primitives to run on, I thought it will be fast but its not, using nearpoint is so much faster even when it runs on the whole geometry of geo2, but that will get me a point from a primitive that doesnt share the same flag which I set for each primitive on geo1. Any improvements to the algorithm or a function which i missed is much appreciated!!!
  9. Render farm

    got it https://www.prorender.de/renderservice-renderserver-rendermodul-renderfarm-online-miete.html [www.prorender.de] Germany, i7 6800k €2.1 https://animarender.com [animarender.com] Russia, $2.83, any number of serverhttp://fox.robust.my/ [fox.robust.my] Malaysia, $3.83https://www.zyncrender.com/ [www.zyncrender.com] USA and Asia Google cloud, $5 for preemptible 8 core virtual machine, only Houdini FX e Indie (?)http://www.myrenderbox.com/ [www.myrenderbox.com] Canada, $7 with Diamond render no waitinghttp://www.gridmarkets.com [www.gridmarkets.com] USA, appear to be the most expensive $7.5 (?)
  10. Render farm

    Hey guys, I am looking for a render farm service that would render Houdini files with mantra render nodes. google is just throwing popular ones at me and none of them support Houdini. Let me know if you have used one or know about one. thanks J
  11. Smoke flickers when thin

    I got it, it was the quantization value in volume compress node, it was too high. thanks for your time.
  12. Smoke flickers when thin

    Hi Ryan, I will attach the hip file to this. - the artifact is appearing when the smoke thins out, sorry for the poor scene setup and camera angle which is giving the illusion that artifact is appearing in dense region. That is why I circled then, the region is the left circle is as thin as the region in the right circle. - the scale of the scene is real world, in meters. disturbance is not very high and It is animated to become 0.05 by 48-60 frames. I will try killing it completely for my next iteration. - I am using shader from my previous project where the explosion was baout a 100 times larger than this one. I have not yet refined it for this project. Shot_02_odforce.hipnc
  13. Smoke flickers when thin

    Yes in render as well. It is a different iteration but the artifact is still there.
  14. Smoke flickers when thin

    This is a WIP, I can't figure out why the smoke starts flickering towards the end when it thinner. any suggestions? A_exposion_03.mov
  15. Fur sim gone wrong?

    Hey guys, I am trying to pick up fur simulation now, have been following the Houdini 16 masterclass, I wanted to try some stuff and started by adding a ground plane inside the simulation ( node generated by the shelf tool) the guide wires are sticking to the ground. you guys know why? I tried making friction 0, dynamic friction scale ( I don't know what it does) but made it 0 anyway. wires.mov Fur_02.hipnc wires.mov