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  1. HELP - About smoke sim emit from rbd sim

    Hello guys. I have a few questions about smoke sim in Houdini. I tried many times smoke sim. But I can't make smoke sim. Besides I can't come up with emit smoke from RBD sim. I'm at a loss for what to do. Someone help me please. hip file is here↓ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1elwRr07Avm1TOYhyyu_71EmZBp1ac6wy P.S.  I'm sorry that my English so strange.
  2. Duplo Bear via Bullet Constraints

    thank you so much!! I learned something new from your awesome hip.
  3. how to advect RBD object by pyro sim

    thank you. your idea is so helpful.
  4. how to advect RBD object by pyro sim

    Thank you so much Mr.fencer. I will try this one soon. Why did you think not good to mix different sim together?? if you have other way that don't use mix sim, Do you know recommended way to move RBD objects by Pyro??
  5. how to advect RBD object by pyro sim

    hi, everyone. I'm student in japan. I'm sorry.I use only bad english. btw, I reseached to move RBDobjects by pyro sim. I use POP Advect By Volume. but, it's not going well. Where are I going wrong this way. if you know a different good way. Let me know. Please. test_RBD_moving.hiplc