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  1. Thanks for reply! Yeah, I've tried "Jitter Birth Time" and "Interpolate Source" but no use. So you are saying you would not use location pop, then what to use? I want thin stream of particles and emitter with changing speed. Stream is fine when emitter is slow but stepped when emitter is fast. I want to avoid this issue. Do you have any workaround for thin uniform stream whatever the emitter speed is?
  2. Hey Martin, I'm just a beginner. I'm using POP Location to emit particles which is moving fast so particles are not being emitted continuously but in discrete manner. Now where to use Trail sop? I'm not using any Source emitter. Can you explain how to do this step by step?
  3. I'm using POP Location moving in sine wave on z-axis. It is emitting particles but stream is stepped. You can see the screenshot. I have tried increasing substeps, birth rate but of no use. Please describe and resolve this! Thanks.