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  1. ATAT destruction

    Created a simple dynamic rig using bullet and vellum: 1) I've generated a spline at the center of each branch/trunk 2) I've generated one unique proxy geometry for each tree (branches + trunk ) 3) Using the spline mentioned before, I fragmented each proxy tree and simulated it using bullet (hard constraint and soft constraints) 4) Once I have the simulated trunks I created a proxy geometry for the leaves (very rough using VDB from points and the usual processes) 5) Simulated the proxy leaves using vellum and made them follow the trunk animation 6) Point deformed the original leaves to the proxy ones 7) done
  2. ATAT destruction

    Thank you Yes they are, it's fully CG
  3. ATAT destruction

    Almost done with the compositing This evening I'll post some flipbooks
  4. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Thanks for the detailed answer! I thought there were at least three times this number of particles. Yep definitely if you want to slow it down post simulation, reseeding is out of question. This sounds very interesting!
  5. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Mesmerizing How many particles there are in total? Each drop looks like has around a hundreds if not a thousand of particles inside
  6. ATAT destruction

    Hey guys, I am working on new personal project and I would like to share some playblasts I did. I guess it's useless to say where this idea comes from This was the first iteration. I kinda liked it but I decided to move on and do some other iterations. THe splitting was a bit unnatural. After finalizing the RBD setup I started with the main fireball. Here is a playblast of it. Could be better. That's the current stage of it and I don't think I will have time to do more versions. RIght now I amrendering everything and started to work on the secondary elements. Updates soon, I hope
  7. Hue variation per point

    You are trying to use the id attribute but you don't have it, so nothing happens. It's created automatically just in the POP network. I've attached an example. I created a random attribute valled "variation" that goes 0 to 1 and I've set a color ramp on the color node color_variation_test_colorVariation.hip
  8. mantra velocity pass

    I can't help much here but ... What you are seeing from the Houdini pass is an RGB image and looks also clamped because of negative values that are not showing up. Probably you have them but the viewer is not showing them. Meanwhile the FumeFX picture you posted has just X-Y components (and looks like it's displaying the full range of values?) So.. is the velocity pass that you are exporting from Houdini the velocity pass converted to camera view? If yes it should be ok but I think you are not going to have the red-green values outside the volume.
  9. Rain water drips

    That's great, thanks Atom
  10. mantra velocity pass

    What if, before you export your parameter in the shader, you multiply it by "Of", which is one of the outputs from the volume model or the pyro shader core?
  11. Hey guys, do you have any idea if is possible to change the visualization of volumes once I read them from disk as packed disk primitives without unpacking them? I have noticed that when I read them back they have the same "visualization settings" as when I saved them to disk. So I guess that this information is stored somewhere and if it is, probably is also possible to modify it. But I've looked at all the various attributes and intrinsics without finding anything useful
  12. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Faster and easier way to setup passes (for example velocities) or other attributes, both for geometry and volumes. Ideally you just need to have the attribute on the geometry and the only thing you need to do is set it up as Extra Image Plane
  13. Here is an example. Of course if you need to load the instances on moving points, for example after an RBD simulation, you need to save also attributes like transform, pivot.. with the points. Also before saving the pieces to disk you can do any kind of upres operations load_instances.hipnc
  14. Displacement breaks the geometry

    You need to increase the displacement bounds. You need to increase the value in the displacement tab of your principled shader or in your case I guess you have to add it with the other properties
  15. Procedural Graffiti Art

    Looks great, nice idea. And thanks for sharing