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  1. I reworked my solution upon realizing that the ignore pivot attribute tickbox was still there. Much easier now, but let me know if for whatever reason it doesn't work for you. Kind of came at the problem in a very nonlinear fashion, so I may have missed some steps in trying to draft up a linear solution.
  2. I found the solution. 1) Create a number of points equal to the number of total packed prims you have in your sim (not the number of unique pieces. for my building it was around 18,000.) I used the points generate sop for this. Each point corresponds to a packed prim. Drop down a wrangle and plug your points into the first input. Attach your simulated packed prims to the second input. For each point, you will create 3 new attributes: v@pivot, 3@transform, and s@name. The pivot and the transform are primintrinsics and you can copy them from the current packed prim attached to the second input (current meaning the one indexed at @ptnum). Also copy the packed prims positions and piece string attribute (@name_orig in the tutorial) onto your point. You can use the @name to create a new attribute called s@instancefile that points to wherever that particular piece's .rs proxy file is located on disk (this of course could have been done in one step but I like to break it up). Now you have all the attributes on your points that Redshift needs to find and instance your proxies. 2) Make sure to add the RS obj parameters to whichever object contains your new instancing points, and BE SURE to untick the box under instancing that says 'Ignore Pivot Point Attribute'. Anddd your done!
  3. I have the same issue. I'm running a flip simulation and on the frame that it saves a checkpoint my entire simulation changes. Has anyone found a solution to this?