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  1. Hi sibarrick Thanks for reply, would you explain more detail it ? I wonder what I do it after when I add attribute set value. Added attribute automatically affect to a shader in SHOP ? How can I add attribute ? I'd appreciate it if you explain it with simple example or network. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I wanna know if there is a way of how to apply different parameter values per particle from a same shader. (ex) I want to apply different range of texture sequence file and different some value of a shader parameter. Thanks in advance...
  3. Hi Marc I checked already downloaded zip, hip files a month ago and re-download those again now. Already downloaded files was good, but current downloaded all attached files (zip, hip..) make "Unexpected end of archive" message when it was loaded after download. My system is same OS(Windows 2K Pro), Web Browser (MS IE 6.0) as before. But just only difference is re-install same OS. Other web site's any attached files had no problem. P.S. Error occurred from only forum. Other links like codex, tutorials was good. Cheers
  4. Hi After I downloaded attached file, zip, hip files, when I extract zip files, error message was displayed "Unexpected end of archive". When I load hip files, "Unexpected End Of Stream.." message displayed. I use MS internet Explorer in Windows 2000 Professional. Opera web browser same. Any good idea ?
  5. texturing Subdivision

    No, I have not try it. I don't know how can I try it. in Manual, Geometry : Polygons as Subdivision Surfaces use geometry from Render SOP and render polys as sub-division surfaces. Is there a way to save polys as sub-division surfaces ? As far as I know, there was not any info about texturing to Subdivision Surface. How can I do ? Cheers
  6. Hi Is it possible to texture Subdivision Surface in Houdini with RMan ?
  7. import max modeling data

    Thanks MG I will try it, Cheers
  8. alpha of particles based on age

    Would you please re-upload attached file ? It was corrupted archive. Thanks
  9. Particle Sliding

    Hi When I tested particle sliding with collision POP, it worked good over the NURBS surface. But several particle popped over the Polygon, Mesh surface. Is there a way to avoid it over the polygonal surface ? What is the good way to use for collide object ? NURBS, Polygon ? Cheers
  10. import max modeling data

    Thanks old school I could really understand it. thanks. If applied SHOP will be two more, is it possible to apply it in a shader SOP ? is there any problems or any attentions (may be apply order primary, secondary, 1st, 2nd.. )? Cheers
  11. import max modeling data

    Thanks MG Cheers
  12. import max modeling data

    Thanks MG When I apply imported texture or map back onto my model into houdini, it need UV Project SOP or UV texture SOP ?
  13. import max modeling data

    > I don't fully get your next question. I'm sorry MG. I don't know how can I apply imported UV and textures to houdini. > Being able to edit the UV's in SOP level? Is it possible ?
  14. import max modeling data

    Thanks MG, stevenong After houdini import OBJs with UV-coordinates, How can I set SOP network especially UV-coordinates ? Cheers