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  1. Milk shader in Mantra

    You are actually right:) Thanks
  2. Milk shader in Mantra

    Hey Jesper, Thanks for that!!! Do you know any good guide how to implement this type of shader apart from sidefx documentation ? Just need some god starting point how to create this type of shader.
  3. Milk shader in Mantra

    Hey, What would be the best approach to start making milk shader in Mantra?
  4. Pivot on obj's

    It came up to me today while i am studying the bullet that would pivot on each element I model lets say in Max and then bring that in to Houdini for destruction matter? I notice some ppl having its object pivot's in one central position so I started ask myself is it beneficial in Houdini simulation to have it this way?OR is it better to have each element pivot separate from others? When I think for example of matrix's in the simulation I can clearly see advantage of each element from my geo to have its own center pivot. Thanks
  5. Apply forces to the normals?

    Will have a look Thanks:)
  6. Apply forces to the normals?

    Just been thinking lately Is the way to apply dynamic to the normals of the points?
  7. New Asset with Sop Network type

    Hey Luca, I have a bunch of nodes in sop context as my set up, nothing at this point is converted in to .hda. And then I would like to put in the middle of my setup NEW ASSET with vex code parameter. It could be some old approach as I can use simply wrangler to do the same thing but I just wondering how we could manage this type of scenario in h17.5 Thanks
  8. Hi Guys:) I am just wondering what would be the best way to create new asset with vex definition and sop network type in h17.5? Almost google everything in this matter but could not get the right direction. Any input on this from you guys will be appreciated a lot:0 Thanks
  9. get orient attribute from point normals

    I think you could put your normal vector there and this way you will get @orient back constructed from your @N.
  10. get orient attribute from point normals

    You might need to do this to construct orient from N : @N = normalize(@P); @v= {} // your vector @orient = quaternion(maketransform(@N,@v))
  11. Jeff is no 1 !!!!!!!!!!! All the Best for you all !!!
  12. PcOpen PcFilter logic

    Great anim that's it:) Thanks
  13. PcOpen PcFilter logic

    Hey, I have this logic : int mypoints = pcopen(0,"P",@P,chf("Dist"),chi("MAxpoints")); @Cd = pcfilter(mypoints,"Cd"); working fine in wrangler BUT I would like to make it in VOP as a exercise and......:) Uploaded file showing my problem....How can I get Cd from attribfrommap and inside VOP support that info to the string input for PcFilter which I suppose is necessary to do. I did try change inside pcfilter to vector and put Cd but it's not working (for me at least) Thanks:)
  14. forloop in detail

    I uploaded hip file along with screen shot to explain better what I am after. My wondering is / Is it a way to open these intrinsic arrays in Detail Wrangle ? Thanks Growth .hipnc
  15. forloop in detail

    Hey Thomas:) Thanks for you advice. I thought but might be wrong obviously that I will need to get the Cd v first from the points in [] and then set new @ on them? I cant really see the reason why to use "group" in my scenario. My main concern is How to get access to the pointattribute[Cd] or pointattribute[P] in the detail wrangler??? Thanks