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  1. Hi Masoud, any luck with this? Trying to achieve the same thing but keep hitting walls...
  2. [SOLVED]Melting UVs?

    amazing, I can't thank you enough. for some reason when I try to jump into the geo1 node Houdini crashes (16.5.536) but I'll try to rebuild into a new project. thanks again!
  3. [SOLVED]Melting UVs?

    So I think my situation is a bit complicated by the fact I'm using an FBX file and it imports the materials into an FBX surface shader with groups for the UVs. Does this mean I need to rebuild all of the textures into Material shaders into a SHOP network in order to point @shop_materialpath to instead? Sorry, I'm pretty new to this. I managed to surprise myself and get it working with a single material object, but am hitting a wall when trying to point my particle fluid to the group selection/fbx shaders. I've attached my file in case it helps. Thanks 119_FLIP.hiplc
  4. [SOLVED]Melting UVs?

    Thanks Atom, I'll give that a go! Cheers!
  5. [SOLVED]Melting UVs?

    Hey Atom, may I ask if you are using one texture for your uv? I'm trying to do this using a model that has multiple uv sets based on groups and I can't figure out how to transfer the UVs of group selections. And idea?
  6. FLIP UV on FBX with multiple UVs

    Hello, I'm trying to map textures on to a FLIP simulation using an FBX model that has multiple UVs assigned to different groups. I understand how to setup the simulation and have seen the many FLIP UV posts on here and the Houdini Forums, as well as Ben Watt's melting tutorial on youtube, but in all cases it seems like only one material is being mapped. Do I need to somehow merge my UVs into one file to make this work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. HIP file attached (sorry for the large file sizes). Thanks Joe Gen3_Fluid-UV.hipnc textures.zip
  7. Controlling FEM fracture

    Hello, I'll preface this by saying I'm a fairly big noob when it comes to Houdini. I've been playing around with the FEM tools and was able to figure out how to apply FEM to my animated FBX characters, but I can't figure out how to fracture my character based on a selection. In the attached file, I have a guy rocking his head back and forth and I was wondering if there was a way to have select parts of his body fall off, in this case his head. Thanks in advance. -Joe fbx_test.zip