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  1. while writing a line of vex function in a parameter field, the help card appears every time you drop down a "comma" or end "quote marks" for the next item on the function. However this behavior doesn't occur while writing the same function inside an attribute wrangle node, it appears only once after dropping down the first parenthesis and to call it again i have to go to the beginning (right after the first parenthesis) - press space and then back-space is it possible to get the help card on demand inside the Attribute wrangle window (i am not asking about the F1 help/ docs call) OR the same behavior as we get in the parameter window? - very helpful for vex-noobs thanks plenty in advance! d.
  2. this awesome help card pops up right after you drop the first "(", also let's say you are halfway down writing a function, can get it back by going back to the beginning right after the "(" press space and then backspace. now does anyone know if it can be called without going back to the beginning? i saw it happen here:( thanks in advance d.
  3. doing this gave me desired results:
  4. how can i detect and delete small regions of a vdb sdf (which is changing every frame) - i want to delete anything smaller than a certain treshold.
  5. seperate temporal and spatial easing

    Hi Thanks for the reply, however I am not looking for that approach. Not a huge fan of path constraint for camera animations. I would ideally prefer the built-in motionpath system (rigging shelf> pose) inside houdini. However when i adjust the tangents on the points (keyframes) on the motionpath, they change the key spacing, I am trying to find out if they can be decoupled. (Something like in ae) *(+ the tangents of the motion path behave unpredictibly and inconsistently, similar wierd stuff happens with the camera handles as well - not sure I am doing it wrong, or both of them are kinda buggy - still at it trying to understand ) Side topic: This https://jdbgraphics.nl/script/protrajectoryhandles/ looks great! d.
  6. hi everyone, i want to animate a camera, for now lets say i have two keyframes. and i want to have an arc in the motion + independently change the velocity of movement (i,e. so it doesn't affect the arc). anyone has any tips, on how could i do that so i am have most control? many thanks in advance d.
  7. KineFX Alembic export

    [SOLVED] Ok something is wrong with the installation on this PC, it worked fine on another PC. (dunno whats causing the crash tho!)
  8. KineFX Alembic export

    I have a simple scene with mixamo animation applied to a character, and added some point level animations (jiggle) however when i eventually try to export it with ROP alembic output, it crashes (the node is able to export any other regular animations without any problem though). The only node that seems to be able to export from kineFX is the ROP FBX character output (which doesn't export Point level animations) is this happening with everyone? does any one know a work around? thanks in advance D
  9. Hi everyone, I am trying to get to see the camera handles and motion path at the same time, unfortunately seems i can not do it, this is very helpful while animating the camera however it seems i am doing somrthing wrong in this regard here is what i mean exactly: please see attachment grab01.mkv in addition to that a few more "whys": 1. why the motion path doesnt show first and last keyframe's tangents 2. why the camera frustrum handle moves to the "not visible" motion path @1:19 mark on the attached srenngrab 3. why do i have an alleged "orphan keyframe" on the motion path on frame "49" while there is no keyframe on that frame PS: that being said i must admit i do not understand the hudini handles' full potential yet, still studying it. I hope someone magical has the answers/ solutions thanks in advance!
  10. i want to scatter points on a deforming mesh (a growing mesh) based on its curvature attribute. currently they are appearing and disappearing as the curvature values are changing (based on the deforming mesh) every frame. however i want them not to disappear once they are created and stick to their original position they were created (as closely as they can). PS: the deforming mesh is generated from a vdb sdf. i am using a triplanar UV on it. i would highly appreciate any tips and help.
  11. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/desktop/Thinkbox/Deadline10/submitters/HoudiniSubmitter/DeadlineHoudiniClient.py", line 14, in <module> path = CallDeadlineCommand([ "-GetRepositoryPath", "submission/Houdini/Main" ]).strip() File "/home/desktop/houdini18.0/python2.7libs/CallDeadlineCommand.py", line 42, in CallDeadlineCommand proc = subprocess.Popen(arguments, stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE, startupinfo=startupinfo, creationflags=creationflags) File "/opt/houdini/Houdini18.0.532/python/lib/python2.7/subprocess.py", line 394, in __init__ errread, errwrite) File "/opt/houdini/Houdini18.0.532/python/lib/python2.7/subprocess.py", line 1047, in _execute_child raise child_exception OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied what i did already but didn't work! I gave full access/permission to "/opt/houdini/Houdini18.0.532/python/lib/python2.7" through the sudo chmod 777 -R /opt/houdini/Houdini18.0.532/python/lib/python2.7/* I am new at linux and trying to get deadline working on it, really no idea what's going on. I am aware the info i provided might not be right or incomplete - please let me know if anyone needs any additional info! I would indeed appreciate any help! cheers!
  12. Hi Vusta, Appreciate the time you took to have a look and give it a go, unfortunately this won't serve the purpose all the way. (as that mesh is a shard from a bigger object). I should have mentioned, I did try earlier the ray sop and the minpos function which yields almost exactly the same result as the ray sop. (and vellum drape + vellum to sort of make it a "skintight" cloth- couldn't get that to work for me either so far)