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  1. Bring RBD objects to complete stand still

    @rayman Hi, this snippet v@v *= 0.9; v@w *= 0.9; used on a popwrangle with animated activation frame pretty much worked, i would appreciate a lot if you could explain how velocities are affecting and what the values represent + would you be so kind to write the snippet where you mention about checking the magnitude of the velocities.
  2. Keeping RBD pieces from falling off

    adding additional collision objects sounds like a good idea, thanks for the tip! About letting it fall from very close to the floor won't give a hard enough impact, still working on it, let's see.
  3. Keeping RBD pieces from falling off

    increasing the stiffness of the soft constraints makes them bounce away (my bounce setting is at 0), and i didn't quite catch what did you exactly mean by "chunks of very strong glue constraints" - i would appreciate of you can break it down a bit more. thanks a lot for the reply I got a little better result by tweaking a couple of parameters and moving the right part of the text a bit further to the right, however it's still far from ideal (most of them are settled apart from a couple of letters), here it is for your reference: https://we.tl/t-Q3ck68flC5 Is there a way i can add a wrangle snippet in the post solve section saying that if anything is moving after a certain frame to pull down its velocity?
  4. Hi everyone, I am simulating a two line of text falling from top on floor, an i would like to have the pieces just crack and not tumble all over the place, I am using glue and soft constraints, and drag force. I cant seem to get it to not fall over the place (the idea is that it should be broken but still readable) here is the file with assets: https://we.tl/t-mRlziBNRRH I would appreciate a ton if someone can help me out m.
  5. i agree, however, i am trying to understand the various loops, so thanks a lot
  6. thank you Alexey so much for the tip!
  7. @fluidmotion they are tangentU and tangentV vizualizers.
  8. hi i have a grid, with color on red channel (randomly varying value), on certain primitives. now i want to extrude each primitive based ot their respective @Cd.r values. any thoughts? i would appreciate any help! thanks
  9. ofcourse! NB: it's not the cleanest of files, as i was trying whatever i could. font1.hiplc
  10. hi AntoineSfx, thanks a ton for the reply, unfortunately that returned with the normals pointing in "y" direction i want them to spread out in "xz" direction. m. PS: unless of course i missed something.
  11. hello everyone can someone be so kind to help me with this, i want the normals for the curve on right "U" to be radiating out... (the @P = @N; worked for the "O" which is a circle however it didn't work for something like "U") as in the redlines in the attached image. thanks m.
  12. hi everyone, i am trying to slide particles in the inside of a geometry (a polygon box in this case) i want to get the particles freely slide along the walls (or even come on and off the walls because of the popattract force), which i managed to do with the two nodes popcollisiondetect and popproperty, however it doesn't quite slide... it goes past outside the box. especially if i increase the popforce amplitude. to keep them sliding (and inside the box) i have to raise the "cling" in popproperty node to very high value which almost makes them look stick rather than slide. However, a sphere instead of a box works fine.... the pighead somewhere in between the box and the sphere. anyone knows where i should tweak things? FYI the settings for dopnetwork is same for all the three images (1a,1b,1c) I would appreciate any help. PS: BTW how do i i make the quality of a simulation more precise (increase steps per frame) globally. m.
  13. hi adrianr, thanks for taking the time to look into it. appreciate a lot - noob in houdini (no programming language knowledge either) but i am liking it nonetheless! thanks d.