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  1. VEX infection

    oh....is that all...never knew that. Thanks.
  2. VEX infection

    it's because mountain doesn't work on a set of points. try this simple test, Grid, mountain, works perfectly fine. Now scatter points on the grid and feed that into same mountain....mountain refuses to work. here's one way to get around it, 'surface' it first with tri2D..then add to convert them all back to points....I'm just guessing at what you really want...dunno. vu_infection_2_mod.hiplc EDIT: I think in my groupexpression @Cd.r>0, use @Cd.r>0.1...it's more accurate I think. And I'm not too savvy on the actual infection algo...if your question is more about this rather than the mountain, then I really don't know.
  3. like this ? it should simply be aligned to Z first, similar to what you've done to the longer tubes then it would be correctly copied to points with N...not up...ie. I added a wrangle to make N = your up. vu_orientation_copy.hiplc
  4. - setup 'cloth' say...for one group (or better to say object)..call it stiff, adjust whatever, vellum pack - setup 'cloth' say...for next group (object ?)..call it stretchy, adjust whatever, vellum pack - merge the 2 above - vellum unpack - feed that into vellum solver
  5. Destruction Glue

    maison sil vous plait ? please do not reply in french....just foolin' around.
  6. resample curve segment sweep problem

    as an example...at your distancealonggeometry3...you have point 0 having dist 0.25 from 1, verify in spreadsheet. Now put down a sphere, add a transform, in the transform, in the Y chanel put: point("../distancealonggeometry3",0,"dist",0) and you'll see the sphere being moved up by whatever dist is.
  7. resample curve segment sweep problem

    should be either point() or pointattrib() I think look up syntax for these in F1, your attribname should "dist"
  8. resample curve segment sweep problem

    hmmm...I got NFI what I am looking at here...seems there are alot of duplications
  9. resample curve segment sweep problem

    @dist ? probably would need to see the file to figure it out, is it possible to upload ? or no due to NDA ?
  10. resample curve segment sweep problem

    so I got annoyed at the fact that resample doesn't work on an edgegroup....so DIY to the rescue:
  11. Resample_Edgegroup HDA

    DL link: http://www.vusta.com.au/Houdini.htm works best on actual curves, tho you can get interesting effects on a grid say....try it.
  12. VDB From particle fluid question

    here you are....warning: I don't know what I'm doing...just fooling around. vu_popfluid2.hiplc EDIT: reckon you can plug the null straight into pointsfromvolume, bypassing the popnet....coz you can!!.
  13. resample curve segment sweep problem

    ahh yes...can be done, prolly easier to understand...depends how your brain works I guess.. vu_resample_curvesection_ADD.hiplc
  14. resample curve segment sweep problem

    don't think the fuse can cope in all situations. or you could merge/sort...then add...which basically blows away everything and reconstructs the line from sorted points...i'll see if I can do your file using that route
  15. resample curve segment sweep problem

    because your lineS overlap and the point order are all out of whack when you start fusing...ie, the start/end don't match up in sequence rendering your fuse ineffective. So to not overlap, REMOVE the middle bit, resample that then reinsert that into the orig geo that has been holed out...so there's no overlap....then sort...then bob's your uncle... ps: you don't need to feed it a circle, Sweep gives you that...just use surface shape round tube vu_resample_curvesection_fix.hiplc