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  1. path deform's rigidity not very clear

    you want alot, need alot but simply won't upload your file. stuff it, I'm not gonna upload my file either...here's a clue...work it out.
  2. path deform's rigidity not very clear

    just works man...group>points>rigid in pathdeform use the group defined above. here's a train, the 4 middle carriages are rigid, the rest will bend.
  3. Pyro trails explosion

  4. installing HOU Engine 3dsMax 2021

    also FYI, https://www.sidefx.com/docs/3dsmax/_getting_started.html so maybe Silent Install is another option...I'm still waiting for all the guinea pigs to test out 18.5 for a few days yet. If they blow up their PCs...no cost to me...simply shrug shoulders. Actually: scratch that...it may be silent...but it would still be installing the main app i'd say...silly me.
  5. Problem with Vellum and Rest Length

    look here: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/advanced-vellum-workflows-h17-masterclass/ last chapter is where inflation is shown. Go get the pbd_inflatable_toy file and study it. here's a quick adaptation. vellum_problem_fix.hipnc
  6. rbd clustering + constraints

    maybe ahem...'break' it down to separate steps? - do wall connectors - do glass connectors - then do wall glass connectors pay attention to group names at each step...and connectors names vu_constraints_question.hipnc
  7. installing HOU Engine 3dsMax 2021

    hmm...you're right, have to install the main app to get to the engine screen...dunno or what about getting just the engine (FREE) here: https://www.sidefx.com/buy/#houdini-indie I won't be getting my 18.5 indie for a few days yet so can't confirm anything.
  8. Pyro trails explosion

    can't wait for all the faux tough guys to come out and poo poo on shelf tools/presets again.
  9. Let user input curve for an HDA

    just go back a step, rclick on your HDA>actions>extract content then select everything again (that is supposed to be in your HDA), create subnet again, this time you'll see it has the default 4 input slots corresponding to the 4 inputs when you dive in. Sub-Network Input 1 would be your custom curve, connect that to the switch. after you created the new digital asset, in type properties>basic>set max inputs to 1, min inputs 0 meaning there's 1 input slot but you don't have to plug in anything into the slot, it would still work with your supplied 3 curves. You'll then have to add an ordered menu in the params to make use of the custom curve, to switch between the 4 curves. (I can't do any of this to show you coz it complains that I don't have the complete definition for the tool)
  10. Let user input curve for an HDA

    well I don't have the complete definition of the tool, only you do. I can only show you where to add the custom curve in among the preset curves, you'll have to incorporate that into your COMPLETE HDA that only you have.
  11. Let user input curve for an HDA

    well put down a curve, doodle around for a few minutes...once tired of doodling, plug it into the HDA.
  12. Let user input curve for an HDA

    here...add your own curve and plug it in, otherwise there's 3 presets out of the box. dummyhda.hdanc
  13. Get length of curve during loop iteration

    sure can...so if you use your orig file with the error: in the 1st loop you've set up @postLength for each prim already BEFORE the truncate. then in 2nd loop, for each prim you should simply read back what you set up, ie: instead of using arclen to recalc a SHORTER prim prim("../foreach_begin2",0,"postLength",0) Bob's you builder uncle.
  14. Get length of curve during loop iteration

    well i simply moved the problematic blast...so that you read the arclen BEFORE it was truncated is this what you want ? curveLengthProblem_fix.hipnc