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  1. UV cubic map procedurally

    I'm not proud !!! I'm reading your code over and over and still got NFI !!!
  2. Adding outer edges to make a closed form

    looks like a job for Phil McCracken. or try the Polyfill ?
  3. Vellum Peel

    I took time to put in some comments in the vellumsolver, hope that helps....here's the file. vu_wallpeel.hiplc
  4. Simulating wind from fan or turbine

    as a PC builder, your fan rotation and airstreams don't matchup. ie. in the 1st video, the fan is blowing air right to left. not sure of your intention but the airstream suggests it going left to right, so are you trying to blow it back to where it came from ?
  5. Foreach question : multiple input

    is this what you want ? not sure about the 0-$N so i changed that to 0-1, I could be wrong. silly me, OP was in 2016, doubt if there would be a reply....oh well someone else might get something out of it. vu_scatterForEach.hipnc
  6. Vertex Point Order Issue

    personally, I avoid PolyBridge like the plague...matching up the Source and Destination is in the laps of the gods....
  7. Implement Kernel (maths) in Vex

    great attitude, thanks for sharing rather than ask lots of questions then go into hiding...Grrrrrr!!!
  8. Houdini Engine in 3d max does not work

    it's not the version number....if you are using Apprentice...there is NO Houdini engine support.
  9. Houdini Engine in 3d max does not work

    also, just to be clear...you are NOT using Apprentice, right? You need at least Indie to have a working H engine. https://www.sidefx.com/products/compare/ scroll down to H engine, you'll see 2 red crosses for Apprentice.
  10. Houdini Engine in 3d max does not work

    after you clicked on Start Session, back on the 1st tab a few 'default' HDAs should become active. I'm off my main PC now so can't show you, will do tomorrow. see this vid here at the start, after the Session was Started, on the 1st tab, several HDAs are avail for you to use
  11. While loop won't stop?

    mmm...I think it works tho as anim pointed out, the reason it's hard to 'detect' is because it jumps to the end condition straight away, while for my IF example you could see each frame/step more easily. unless I'm still not clear on your set up ?
  12. Houdini Engine in 3d max does not work

    read step 2 CAREFULLY did you CLICK the button that says Start Session ? if you don't start a session then H engine is NOT running, simple.
  13. While loop won't stop?

    ah I see where I gone wrong now...I did set up my basic test like yours, with a solver tho...and thought it didn't work....but it DID, it just didn't show the steps in between like my setup using the IF. Anyway, it could be completely different the the OP's setup tho.
  14. While loop won't stop?

    I'm not a coding expert or even Houdini expert but I think the solver works on per frame basis. The While is more appropriate to repeating your action in coding POV. so my simple example works because it evals each frame then do something....while if you use a While who knows what it's trying to do per frame with a While ? I can't explain it....let some other guru better explain it. vu_simplesolver.hiplc
  15. Houdini Engine in 3d max does not work

    01) if you want the engine to start up automatically every time Max starts, in Option, tick the box "automatically start" 02) to start manually, in Session config, click Start Session.....does this work ?