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  1. Fit detail attribute into 0-1

    here, take a grid, uv it normally so all vertices fit into 0-1 space, seen by the red circles. These vectors range from {0,0,0.5} to {1,1.0.5} dunno why the last component is 0.5, not an expert. then remap these vectors to say...double it v@uv = fit(@uv,{0,0,0.5},{1,1,0.5},{0,0,0.5},{2,2,0.5}); as you can see with the templated white lines
  2. Fit detail attribute into 0-1

    oh sorry for the confusion, when i said first 2 i meant your min_u and max_v. Now that the actual 1st param is mentioned, i think that should be your "variable" (ie. the THING you are trying to remap) So don't think it should be the literal 1 but should be your @myattrib... float fit(float value, float omin, float omax, float nmin, float nmax) <vector> fit(<vector>value, <vector>omin, <vector>omax, <vector>nmin, <vector>nmax) (note in your case, you need to feed it new vectors, not 0.0 and 1.0)
  3. Fit detail attribute into 0-1

    maybe check your params usually it's old_min, old_max, new_min,new_max but your 1st 2 params are BOTH max AND they're different (ie. one is u and one is v), maybe the max_u should really be min_v so min_v,max_v,0.0,1.0
  4. Glass with uniform pattern

    not sure of the question. what about after blast5, add a facet>Unique points ? EDIT: oh wait, so take one of the bottom face on the bottom ring and use that as the size you want to divide the whole thing into ?
  5. Closing an eye?

    is this the inside of a fish head ?
  6. Vellum strange behavior

    of course, I should have figured that out from your pic, how dare I suggested. Good luck.
  7. Vellum strange behavior

    unpack the alembic then convert ?
  8. Vellum optimization

    30k constrain iterations ?!?!?!?!?!?! surely there has to be a point where you say enough is enough ? that's a yeah naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah for me. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/vellum-constraint-features-john-lynch-h18-masterclass/ Go and study the tree_density file from John Lynch (the gif you see here is 1 substep, 100 const iterations, sims in real time)
  9. Procedural tower

    doesn't this help ? you started the thread
  10. i don't know if the effect is same as: - Point SOP - preset Flatten Bottom - adjust to whatever level you like (max half way), doesn't have to be exact hemisphere, animatable.
  11. CleanUp Lines

    shouldn't the test be neighbourcount>1 ?
  12. let me dig it up and see if it still works for 18.5
  13. Looking for a way to combine prims

    try lower Irregularity + Enable Cluster Lots (and possibly increase Min Lot Size)
  14. Randomizing Vellum Instance Objects

    I'm not much chops in DOP so did it in SOP vu_VellumInstancing.hipnc
  15. BulletSolver Problem

    think you're missing an assemble>create Packed geo before feeding into rbdconstraintproperties