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  1. [SOLVED] Vellum cloth attached to vellum hair issues

    no probs at all, if i throw enough darts...one might stick eventually.
  2. you CAN write the vex yourself every time if you want to, or if you feel lazy, just a Point SOP, preset Morph to 2nd input then you can have a controlled lerp amount.
  3. Procedurally split faces

    Crag Splits Face................crudely.
  4. Cascadeur

    http://www.cgchannel.com/2020/07/download-the-free-public-beta-of-cascadeur/ what is this sorcery...I'm not an animator but would an animator say this is a Maya killer ?
  5. alright, I did a real petal for ya...gotta appreciate my effort !!! vu_HairOnPetal.hiplc
  6. ah...ok...maybe something like this ? Note I used attachtogeo because that has tangent stiffness (ie. stiff relative to the emitter surface), the other constraints don't. vu_HairOnCloth2.hiplc
  7. the Mandril Banner in tatters, you know what to do...I won't bother telling.
  8. I couldn't be stuffed trying to understand your logic, don't take it the wrong way but I just think it's a bit overcomplicated if all you want to achieve is a bit of hair on animated cloth, then here's a basic setup: - I left the hair/rope strand very very soft...you can easily stiffen it. vu_HairOnCloth.hiplc
  9. Polybevel, how to round to an actual circle arc ?

    fair enough...RFE away.
  10. Polybevel, how to round to an actual circle arc ?

    shape round, crank up divisions...what are you smoking ?
  11. Scale by Attribute -Vellum

    set your wrangle to points will work. Aside: btw, in vellumhair, don't set the stiffness to 'millions' first. Just disable your wrangle for this test for now, use the multiplier (order of mag) first so you set it to to say 0.01 with stiffness at 1, you'll see it flops straightaway, then you keep dialing in the multiplier to what you want which would be FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR quicker than to adjust the Stiffness itself. When you've hit the jackpot with the Multiplier, THEN you may finely tune it with the Stiffness.
  12. Vellum hair thickness problem

    you're not helping by withholding your file, just sayin'. and I don't think you are correct at the start, they're all self intersecting. at the start, they should look like the teal balls instead of green. illustrations: incorrect, then correct.
  13. Rbd subfracturing

    soooooo, tab 1 scatter 2 points => 2 pieces tab 2 scatter 2 points => 4 pieces tab 3 scatter 2 points => 8 pieces... do you see a pattern here ? is that not subfracturing ? ahh..nevermind you were asking about constraint, my bad, apologies.
  14. Issue with Popadvectbyvolumes

    why don't you simply load advectbyvolume example file and have a look ?
  15. [SOLVED] Vellum cloth attached to vellum hair issues

    another idea...what about use string instead of hair ?