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  1. hmmm...it doesn't seem to 'grow' now. $F-@nage-10 seems to do something....
  2. if that's what you want...don't blame me i just thought F### it...i'll try it...what have i got to lose ?
  3. not saying i'm pretty but in your mat, texture instead of $F.....for the hell of it i put @nage....try it.
  4. How find "Cracked Edge" ?

    here you are, Detector and Fixer in one Nooooooooooo, don't laugh at my convoluted crap.....at least I had a go. (ps: try using the 'hard' pig...it goes bad immediately...cos the pig is bottomless) (pps: well actually bottomless is not the real cause...the real cause are the eyeballs...the manifolds) VU_CrackedEdge_Fix.hiplc
  5. Wrong glue constraints after second voronoi

    out of interest, what's your machine spec ? I'm on a super duper i7 4770K 4 cores/8 threads 16 Gb Win10 machine
  6. Wrong glue constraints after second voronoi

    I don't know much....but in your 2nd vorofrac, Name attrib>Append instead of Overwite (btw, I was growing old waiting for your scene to update, golly ppl love to test/debug their scenes FULL ON all the time, don't they ?)
  7. Make Curve In VEX

    well this trumps my curveu bias HDA royally !!!
  8. @caskallol...clearly I'm the odd one out among the 'masters' (just a keen hobbyist I'm afraid, not a pro)
  9. yes they do bounce against each other (ONE line of VEX) (and don't assume I'm a VEX guru...infact completely opposite)
  10. so anyone know if the old DOP has the new SOP guided sim equivalent ?
  11. c'mon, popnet in SOP...took me all of 5 secs to setup
  12. no, just Paint, 01) grid (easier to see in XY plane), rot 180 so back face now face the front 02) paint, tick override Color, change Cd to emit, paint an S on the grid 03) Particles shelf, click Source Particle Emitter, select the grid, Enter 04) in DOP, scrub, yes it emits from everywhere. 05) click dropdown in Emission attrib, surprise surpise, it has emit ! Choose it. Works....you have 2 mins to do this.
  13. trying a subway tunnel

    just don't become too attached to your tunnel tho, once you pass it onto FX dept, they just blow the $hit out of it anyway
  14. I'm the other way, never did much sim of anything the old school ways...so I only know the new SOP solvers...it's not too bad IMO