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  1. Soft Group Selections?

    just soft transform it ?, no that didn't answer your question directly but that's how it goes when ppl don't post their files...it doesn't help.
  2. Houdini is crashing often

    it says radeon 6990 hd was released 2011 that's a 10 yr old card...alarm bells ringing...i won't even bother to check gpu support list
  3. dunno the exact extra cost of Cat6 but if it's only a couple of bucks, say...might as well future proof in case you decide to go 10 gigabit later.
  4. oooooof...I feel your pain, why not try out a gigabit network switch first ? ~$50 for 8 port switch...add some decent cat6 LAN cable who knows, it might be sufficient for your purposes before spending big.
  5. say what 100Mbps ? shouldn't you be on the 'standard' gigabit LAN at the very least ?
  6. yeah I actually don't know the rendering process myself, hopefully some expert will chime in.
  7. in the Global Anim Options (bottom left corner), I disabled integer Frame values, step 0.01 Sim substeps 5-8 There's probably other settings which I don't know about. Simple_RBD_Collision2.hipnc
  8. partition... here's a mock up file, in group, it has groups based on attrib so you can pick from dropdown group from attrib.hipnc
  9. collisionignore with staticObject

    no worries, of course I did NOT know it was of string type...so I simply put down a collisionignore node (not wrangle) that worked fine so I simply looked in the spreadsheet and it says................................................"*" No prizes for guessing that it's not an integer but string. Just reverse engineer something you know that works.
  10. Radial text/font generator

    this is a bit old...can't remember what I did here but there's a file you can dissect...text on some path...same same
  11. collisionignore with staticObject

    here's one to ignore one but not the other ignorecollision2.hipnc
  12. collisionignore with staticObject

    here's my foolin' around, by that I implied I'm no expert: s@collisionignore = "xxx"; will not work as there's no object xxx s@collisionignore = "ground*"; will work for the ground s@collisionignore = "*"; should work for anything, i hope.
  13. Vellum- collapsing tree-

    Everytime someone said I did EXACTLY the same as the video but it doesn't work....I always say to myself....NO, I don't believe you. that's not being rude....that's from experience...think about it...if it was EXACTLY the same it would have worked. So, in vellumhair...look very carefully at your Bend stiffness...you have 10e-10 when it should really have been 10e+10 HUGE difference.
  14. Vellum- collapsing tree-

    if i could get 1 dollar for every time someone runs into this same problem again and again...i'd be a billionaire https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/vellum-constraint-features-john-lynch-h18-masterclass/ go to 04:00:00 file included
  15. i scrolled thru to see how long the 'question' is....didn't bother to read any of it, tbh.