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  1. here's how I would use the curve instancer. So to populate the inputs for your HDA: 01) select the HDA object 02) CTRL+click the object you want (ie. add to current selection) 03) Click Select on the HDA dialogue, then you'd see the object name in the Input slots (this is how I got the Boolean to work) One thing to note, to ensure everything is as expected...have your instance object at the Origin. (I'm giving As Modifier a wide berth...if you try to remove/delete the modifier...instant death!!!)
  2. findattribval in for loop

    I tested 16.0 and 16.5....errors H17 works fine. For your last effort, try this: int count = findattribvalcount(0, "point", "id", 10); int point_num; vector newpos; for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) { point_num = findattribval(0, "point", "id", 10, i); setpointattrib(0, "Cd", point_num, {1,0,0}, "set"); newpos = point(0, "P", point_num) + {0,3,0}; setpointattrib(0, "P", point_num, newpos, "set"); //@Cd=set(1,0,0); //@P.y+=3; } (note: even tho H17 works without errors...logically it is still wrong as it affects EVERYTHING......instead of just one point, hence it needs same logic as my solution above)
  3. Bezier Handle State

    nice, thanks. Quick tip, hold SHIFT if you want to move just one side of the handles.
  4. CRAiG HDA

    It's CRAiG, son of CRAG...but CRAiG can wield custom weapon...whatever you give him, guitar, Tommy, rolling pin...whatever...link in youtube video
  5. Understanding of the Basis SOP

    what about Help>Basis>Load (example scene down the bottom) ?
  6. got it working to actually populate objects into nodes 1/2.....but boy oh boy.....you have to jump thru hoops while doing a triple sommersault to get it to work tho....
  7. I must be doing something wrong....I can test out other stuff like the PolyReduce....but for the Boolean...can't seems to pick my node 1/2 for the Bool operation. Did you create the Bool object as a new object (then select say 2 objects for Intersection) or did you say "add as modifier to selected objects" ? (I'm on Indie too, tested both Max 2017/18)
  8. ..well that was simple...why didn't I think of it ???
  9. RubberToy material deleting ?

    would Untick Add Shader be a silly response ?
  10. Copying Parameters

    can't quite see where this is going.....why don't you just use copytopoints...copy the octagon to the scattered points....you can't get anymore 'similar' than that...
  11. MOPs - Orient Copies to Surface

    seems to work for me... MOPS_rand.hipnc
  12. Bullet boolean fracture with deforming geometry

    in pointdeform, try upping the Min...say 4 or 5 ? you might also want to look at this post yesterday about simming very simple geos, then use the transformations on the high res geos (rather than in your case currently simming something at quite high res) Down the bottom there's a basic setup, I'm not an expert, just mocked up something quick yesterday.
  13. Scatter Piece attribute ?

    haha...can see the confusion....shat and scat are closely related....
  14. Expression removes the points ?

    cuz rand returns a float between 0-1 so after generating a random float say...0.2, mult this by say 10...and you'll get 2
  15. Polyreduce losing fracture pieces

    a basic setup...does it help ? Not much to do really... SimLowres.hipnc