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  1. Distribute by size

    in Point, change Axis..and Offset = Gap (this does not have 'order by size' logic in it) vu_Stacker.hipnc
  2. Curves Boolean

  3. Invisible spheres and how to cause an extrusion

  4. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    what about a Missile Launch...when's that ?
  5. just scrub timeline vu_LineCrawl.hiplc
  6. Vellum Drape Curtain Simulation

  7. .. vu_scatterDensity.hipnc
  8. there's some gremlins with the word Plaster....seems it reads the a as some special char somehow... just rename all your texture maps from Plaster to Hello, say, re-export FBX. Then it should render all with no probs in Houdini
  9. don't use File SOP. Use the menu instead File>Import>Filmbox FBX Let's say you've named your FBX export from Max (with embed media on) named Arch...then if you've used the menu to import as above, you'd see it autocreates a dir called Arch.fbm containing the maps, also the subnet in Houdiini called Arch_FBX would contain each component with properly mapped to each map (don't expect faithful translation of materials) Render, it should work. There's some red bits in the render (frieze_002) probably something 'lost in translation' of materials, that's your job to debug...make sure they're all 'standard' materials in Max to be on the safe side.
  10. PolyExtrude Issue?

    some sort of bug. If you try rename group extrudeFrontSeam to SomeNewName, then extrude group SomeNewName it still doesn't work. However if you use a group SOP to show extrudeFrontSeam, then enter new name in Group Name as SomeNewName, then extrude that...it will work. The extrudeFrontSeam/extrudeBackSeam that come out of the extrude SOP is buggy.
  11. vu_VellumDynConstraints.hiplc vu_VellumDynConstraints.hiplc
  12. Get one component of vector in VEX expressions

    point expression function Returns the value of a point attribute. Replaced by hou.Geometry.iterPoints() hou.Point.attribValue() point(surface_node, point_number, attribute, index) surface_node is a path to a surface node, for example "/obj/geo1/grid1". point_number is the point number to read the attribute from. When instancing, you can use instancepoint to get the number of the point currently being instanced. attribute is the name of the attribute (for example, Cd for diffuse color). Two special attributes exist: P and Pw which represent the position of the point in space (Pw allows you to access the W component of the position). index specifies the component position in multi-component attributes such as vectors, colors, and arrays. For example, if the attribute is a color, an index value of 0 returns the red component, 1 returns the green component, and 2 returns the blue component. Note This function will interpolate between point values if the point number is fractional, such as 3.35 EXAMPLES point("/obj/geo1/facet1", 3, "P", 0) Returns the X component of point 3 of the facet1 surface node in geo1. point("/obj/geo1/facet1", 3, "N", 2) Returns the Z component of the normal attribute of point 3 in the
  13. Get one component of vector in VEX expressions

    point("../nodeName/", 0, 'P',1)
  14. vu_paintpscalemetaball.hiplc