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  1. pop forces talking to rbd packed objects

    just fumbling around...don't take this as an expert solution.... popforces_talking_to_rbdpacked_vu.hipnc (if you don't want to bother with transferring group in the assemble, you can wipe that out, move the group SOP to below the assemble, change to Points...works the same)
  2. Point Levelling Question

    not sure if I'm on the right track here...but here's an attempt. Try disabling prevy = curpos.y; and see if that's more like it...(I doubt it) vu_levelling.hipnc
  3. Volleyball

    all nice.... OK, here's mine, as usual...non-VEX approach vu_Volleyball.hipnc
  4. Volleyball

    So someone posted "I modelled a soccerball".......really ? It's virtually pre-made for you in Houdini already. Here's a tougher challenge, procedurally model a volleyball....not just the standard 3 stripes....how about ANY number of stripes ? Won't post file yet...so ppl can have a go themselves.
  5. inverted collisions rbd

    I just went into Bullet data tab, changed to Concave.....works....
  6. Delete segment of a curve

    here's my way...(left branch) delete_segment_02_vu.hipnc
  7. Noise propogating in circles

    just a warning....if you plan to emit particles from this, make sure you RESET pscale back to 1 after you copied out the successively larger rings...otherwise, if you have them colliding with a ground plane say...you'd get a weird conical shape cuz...the outside particles are 'larger'...instead of the default 1. hmm..well that's in theory....in practice...I had to reset it to 0 !.....doesn't make sense...here's that file, see if you can figure out why pscale should be reset to 0 instead of 1... (so I guess a particle is just a point...ie. radius/pscale = 0, my bad for thinking of default 1) vu_stackedCircles_particles.hipnc
  8. soft transform crash

    earliest I can go back to is 16.0.736 ...works... Latest, 16.5.496....works too.
  9. Noise propogating in circles

    here's my take on it... vu_stackedCircles.hipnc
  10. Houd could I turn node info off ??

    D to bring up Network View Display Options>Text Badges>Descriptive Parameter>Hide
  11. orb of life / procedural modeling question

    well if the underlying surface is just a sphere...then that 'conform' step is actually the easiest step to do... Here....now the hard part is to workout the underlying template points pattern to get you the desired pattern. (note: if you observe the model in the link...it's not 'uniform' throughout.....rotate it in 3D and you'll see it's actually symmetrical, ie. 2 hemispheres) vu_RingOrb.hipnc
  12. Simple Circle Packing

    ver 3: added Container option...for wall collisions. vu_SimplePacking3.hipnc
  13. Simple Circle Packing

    ver 2: added Use Overlap option. Previously, the Repel represents how much to move away each iteration, in absolute terms. Now if Use Overlap is enabled, the Repel is a portion of the actual overlap amount. So if 2 spheres overlap by 3 units...and Repel is 0.5, then the 'move away' amount is 1.5 With Use Overlap enabled (and say Repel is 1), it gets to the desired positions much quicker...but not as 'nice' and relaxing as when Repel is lowish... vu_SimplePacking2.hipnc
  14. Simple Circle Packing

    slight tweak so sim doesn't start on frame 1...starts on frame 2 vu_SimplePacking.hipnc
  15. Simple Circle Packing

    it's got a certain hypnotic buzz to it...like how bees send their vibes thru the colony...