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  1. Falloff Issue in Path Deform Node

    no worries...I'm pretty new to this node myself...so just fiddled around a bit...(you know, stabbed in the dark)
  2. Falloff Issue in Path Deform Node

    like this ? softDeform_fix.hipnc
  3. old popstream tutorial PQ

    not sure , too confusing for me to go thru.... Should Attraction Type be position and set Y to say 2 for a quick test ?
  4. Voronoi interior detail

    Edit>Prefs>Shelves & Tabs Menu>Show All Operators Now rclick>voro, you'll see 2 voronoi fracture (polygons), choose the top one (old version), you'll see it has 3 inputs, the normal current one you are using now has only 2.
  5. Cut Mesh with Curve

    how about 5 nodes and no VEX...
  6. Fix last segment for a resampled polygon

    what about the new chain SOP ? might have to fiddle around to get what you want.
  7. for each pyramid

    here Test_fix.hipnc
  8. Dual mesh to Voronoi mesh

    surely you can work it out from here:
  9. doesn't seem to like any thing with Catmull-Clark, subdiv Loop wonky, subdiv bilinear best
  10. How can I close an open polyline?

  11. probably just wrong axis, if z doesn't work you got 2 other choices left...most likely not y...so you got one left... all depends on your geo's orientation
  12. use the preset top or bottom which is vertical, then all you have to do is adapt it to a horizontal axis, too easy...the spread should be 0.5
  13. Fit detail attribute into 0-1

    here, take a grid, uv it normally so all vertices fit into 0-1 space, seen by the red circles. These vectors range from {0,0,0.5} to {1,1.0.5} dunno why the last component is 0.5, not an expert. then remap these vectors to say...double it v@uv = fit(@uv,{0,0,0.5},{1,1,0.5},{0,0,0.5},{2,2,0.5}); as you can see with the templated white lines
  14. Fit detail attribute into 0-1

    oh sorry for the confusion, when i said first 2 i meant your min_u and max_v. Now that the actual 1st param is mentioned, i think that should be your "variable" (ie. the THING you are trying to remap) So don't think it should be the literal 1 but should be your @myattrib... float fit(float value, float omin, float omax, float nmin, float nmax) <vector> fit(<vector>value, <vector>omin, <vector>omax, <vector>nmin, <vector>nmax) (note in your case, you need to feed it new vectors, not 0.0 and 1.0)
  15. Fit detail attribute into 0-1

    maybe check your params usually it's old_min, old_max, new_min,new_max but your 1st 2 params are BOTH max AND they're different (ie. one is u and one is v), maybe the max_u should really be min_v so min_v,max_v,0.0,1.0