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  1. Curve SOP and relative coordinates

    try this: 0,0,0 -1,1,0 -1,-1,1 @1,1,1 p3 @1,1,1 with the p3, the last point is correct, without the p3.....wut? so maybe the workaround is to punctuate consec @'s with current point, then fuse later
  2. Curve SOP and relative coordinates

    yeah, seems it's got a mind of its own...
  3. what about scaling down the emitter over time...AND also clip it (animate it) so that the emitter will eventually disappear altogether ?
  4. Cirecle Splines Misconnect after Popnet

    PyroSim Advection_fix.hipnc
  5. what about this ? not needing to bring vellumio into the equation: - run it, both grains/cloth will ignore torus - disable wrangle3, cloth collides with torus, grains ignore torus but still collides with cloth vu_graincloth.hipnc
  6. Vellum match animation make jittering

    here, far less to wade thru, I don't like overcomplications, there's still a bit of jittering but do whatever you want with it. vu_hair.hiplc
  7. dunno if this is applicable to your scenario (or carve situation): https://zybrand.xyz/vellumcontinuous-emit-with-dynamic-constraints#more-324 I fooled around a bit to use hair instead of grains...mods were pretty minimal, you too can do it.
  8. seems to 'just work' here: (maybe your exponential is screwing it up ? and you only need dimensions as 1 since pscale is a scalar) pscale_jitter.hiplc
  9. Seamless polywire on intersecting lines

    like this... vu_boxpolywire.hipnc
  10. Can't remove duplicate edges/surfaces

    can't fix your Sweep problem can do this tho (but it may not be what you want, you might want STRICTLY using sweep)
  11. You know when you want to dive into an asset, see what's happening...WITHOUT allowing editing contents, how do you remove the annoying grey fog of war ? is there a 'nice and bright' normal view mode so I don't go blind please ?
  12. Sweep roll curve in Houdini 18.0.391

    well...guess what ? the secret sauce is IN the sweep as well....you go find it !!! LOL. i just saw it 1 sec after aizatulin !!!
  13. Sweep roll curve in Houdini 18.0.391

    ahhh...got it, took me 3 goes !!! this one both ends would perfectly line up AND with nice uniform divisions vu_SweepCurve2.hiplc (secret sauce: Extrapolate End Tangents in orientaslongcurve)
  14. Sweep roll curve in Houdini 18.0.391

    how about 2nd chance, change your track curve to NURBS, both ends would be perfectly lined up, the divisions however are a bit out and the ends...you may not care about this...or remesh...or whatever, dunno.
  15. Sweep roll curve in Houdini 18.0.391

    hopefully I've understood what you want, so you want the middle joint to be perfectly lined up right ? (ignoring the 'slight' angle at each ends) if so, simply centre your cross section first vu_SweepCurve.hiplc actually, maybe I don't know exactly what you want...furgedd it LOL.
  16. Kill particles by distance

    aside question for the experts: why in popcolor it's using color instead of the obligatory Cd ?
  17. Kill particles by distance

    length is absolute already so you can remove abs
  18. Kill particles by distance

    then you prolly just need to make sure you group 'mothers' and 'children' particles properly...then do whatever to certain groups.
  19. Kill particles by distance

    i'll leave it to the VEX experts, otherwise might lead you up the creek without a paddle.
  20. Kill particles by distance

    here's a simple one, can guarantee won't win any award for technical excellence not answering you directly with VEX tho, it's mostly done via pop nodes and a one liner VEX. vu_popkillbydist.hiplc
  21. (Solved)POP: random drag per particle HELP

    well the OP used Use VEX option with the statement: airresist = airresist * point(0, "rand_num",@id); I cannot find that you use this anywhere in your scene. But I'm not here for a fight, you would pulverise me in a blink.
  22. (Solved)POP: random drag per particle HELP

    I'll answer meself LOL... I just tried the orig file with popdrag now...it works !!! what the ???
  23. Transform RBD Pieces

    just if (@speed > ch("MaxSpeed") && @Frame < 10) @speed = ch("MaxSpeed"); (i was just speaking to you in Engrish, that's all)
  24. (Solved)POP: random drag per particle HELP

    you're just avoiding using popdrag which is the problem. Use the orig file, with popdrag, with Use VEX option, doesn't work. with popwind used in the same way as popdrag in all respects, it works.
  25. Transform RBD Pieces

    oh now I see the 'blob'...nothing to do with cache or 17, in H18 i can see it, because of your delete I think, since the number of points no longer match up ? Like if you delete point 500 in DOP...what's going to control block 500 in transform pieces ? So what I did was instead of removepoint I simply said if speed > MaxSpeed set speed = MaxSpeed