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  1. MOPs FX

    Get your MOPs here: Font Blower FX: vu_GetOffTheBlower.hipnc
  2. About creep

    add a peak after the tube, this is to 'inflate' the tube a tiny bit, then feed that into the creep
  3. Referenced node - fast way

    CTRL+SHIFT+ALT LMB DRAG out a new node ?
  4. jigsaw puzzle gen

    this setup is avail in HDA...just search for jigsaw puzzle
  5. Attach Flower head to simmed geometry.

    would Radius = 0 in pointdeform do ?
  6. swap fuse and remesh ie. put fuse after remesh
  7. Match Size to Scale

    how can it possibly be a third ?...but whatever....it''s your scene, you can do whatever you want, you want a third well simply multiply length by 1/3 you want 2 sevenths ? mult by 2/7....your keyboard....type in whatever you want.
  8. Match Size to Scale

    you could either ref the line length param directly (or relatively I should say) or use measure SOP and sum up perimeter but this is overkill. vu_spheres.hiplc
  9. Boolean Shatter Node Giving Strange Artifacts

    check the crotch...you'll see holes. So if your model has holes yet your Boolean says treat it as solid, it will lead to issues. I haven't filled the holes but changed the Bool to treat it as surface (same as the cutting planes....it's silly to treat the planes as 'solid') vu_Boolean_Shatter_Issue.hipnc
  10. Match Size to Scale

    works fine with a box instead of line. So for a line, you'd have 2 dimensions having scale of 0. How are you going to fit a sphere into a 'box' that has 2 nonexistent axis ? quicker just get line length/2 and set that as sphere radius.
  11. here's a basic setup/proof of concept...just keep it simple. Slowly add more things/collider in as you need them. Don't have EVERYTHING in at once, you'll get bamboozled and can't debug things. vu_vellumCurtain.hiplc
  12. that ConstraintNet makes no sense to me. Why are you using a cylinder to define cloth constraints ? You should let vellum cloth configure the constraints for cloth.
  13. Iteration box doesn't grow ?

    no, that's what YOU did...I'm copying your action from the right loop....hence I said I'm guessing that you're trying to do... what I fixed is so that as you adjust iteration, you can see it responds in the viewport here's where it increases the size of the box...but why bother looping it ? Why not just use a wrangle and create a slider as the "iteration" (or Multiplier) ? vu_Loop_Delete2.hipnc
  14. Iteration box doesn't grow ?

    I'm only guessing what you're trying to do here... vu_Loop_Delete.hipnc
  15. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    do you last 'long' in Call of Duty using the Evoluent mouse ?
  16. Cheap Collision Deform

    haha, I just stumbled onto this now....came from here:
  17. Procedural Scale

    coz I wrote the darn thing in H16....saved in my own preset (just a simple text file)...then when 16.5 came out...lo and behold, it was 'absorbed' into 16.5 orig thread here...
  18. Procedural Scale

    FYI, Point SOP already has Helix preset. vu_Helix.hiplc
  19. 01) you're missing a bracket in the transform, you have to get rid of the red warning signs !! 02) once you sorted out the brackets...it IS working but because the random rotation is between 0 and 1 (degrees) it is tiny for you to actually see. 03) to magnify the effect for you to see mult by 360, ie. 360*rand(detail(-1,"iteration",0)), so it means random rotation between 0 and 360 degrees. 04) you have to run the loop on each connected piece, ie. a box is treated as one...not 6 separate prims. vu_RandomTransform.hipnc
  20. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    I found that if my wrist was banging against a hard surface, it hurts...alot....but a simple wristpad does the job....no pain at all
  21. stop motion with retime node

    slightly nicer with CTRLS vu_stopmotion2.hiplc
  22. stop motion with retime node

  23. Vellum Cloth Points Jittering Issue

    without your file, here's a generic setup. You can see it's trying to resolve itself, like at the elbows, armpits, shoulders, not necessarily against a collider (the character). If you can't be stuffed, enable the FREEZE and it will completely freeze. How does it look with your situation ?...who knows, only you do. Without the FREEZE, I've keyed the damping in Cloth so it dampens more after the character stops. vu_VellumTop.hiplc
  24. here's a more similar setup to yours, in previous post for whatever reason I didn't see your file there so I thought you wanted a generic setup. But here's a better setup for your situation. You can adapt your delete below a certain height into it, I haven't done it except for a simple Delete after the fact. vu_VellumSticky.hiplc
  25. didn't do part 2, since wasn't needed. vu_VellumStick.hiplc ahh...nevermind, don't bother looking into my file....but I'll leave it here anyway.