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  1. here...all I can say the best thing about this so far is....it's bloody finicky !!! - in secret sauce, try disabling it...won't work....even fracture it with 1 fracture point, ie. no actual break, won't work...you have to do an actual dummy break with 2 points...must be something under the hood. after that, controls are at best.......finicky. vu_ballPuller.hiplc
  2. fracture Piece min max values of the local cut

    i hope ppl reply to you in jpg format and not a file and let you work it out from some picture.
  3. Vellum stopped attribute not working

    here...it's probably more logical if the box was moving bottom up rather than top down...but hey,I don't know what you're doing so top down it is. vu_tagada.hiplc
  4. longest axis always face up

    longwinded thread: but why don't you just enable Fracture per Piece in RBD mat frac ?
  5. Houdini 18 Breaking glue without impact

    non vex remote breaker, well yes, there is vex usage but it's a preset so really no effort on user's part. vu_RemoteBreaker.hiplc
  6. Cut IGES

    option 1: (i forgot to fuse, you do it, and edgecusp seems to do a better job than facet) vu_CBot.hipnc
  7. Vellum soft body stuck to the original position

    my pet hate, why do ppl make life HARDER for themselves by insisting on debugging a HEAVY file ? - i drastically reduced the polycount of your softbody object - drastically reduced polycount of the cutter - substep 1....yeah.....ONE !!! now you can debug waaaaaaaaaaaay faster.....why sit around wasting time growing old ? so if you observe, the bits bounced back up and get stuck to the uncut geo....ie. they glued themselves back to the animation therefore, i concluded that gluetoanimation should be disabled . here's the fix. vu_SLICING_02.hipnc (inside your sopsolver, you can remove the delete group B, it's not needed, I forgot to take it out)
  8. Scatter non-overlapping geometry

    this was my poorman's circles/spheres packing back in the day
  9. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2020/07/the-416-quadrillion-reasons-why-japans-supercomputer-is-number-1/
  10. Sim not to be sneezed at

    Technical Chief should be sacked. I mean for a billion dollar rig, they can't put a proxy PC/monitor in for collision...because that would be a far more accurate setup. Here's a hint, a simple box would do...cough....into elbow. (oh i'm %100 confident the rig could handle a few boxy colliders) (the internet should get with the time and add a coughing into elbow emoji !!!)
  11. Bullet and Constraints learning ressources?

    C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 18.0.xxx\houdini\help\examples\nodes\dop\rbd* or sop\rbd*
  12. Bullet and Constraints learning ressources?

    what about go here, search for whatever keywords you see fit, like constraint: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/
  13. http://www.cgchannel.com/2020/07/see-blenders-cycles-renderer-running-in-the-houdini-viewport/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+cgchannel%2FnHpU+(CG+Channel+-+Entertainment+Production+Art)
  14. well since it's your one and only post so far, I would say post your file because: - it shows your genuine effort in doing things yourself - it saves other ppl having to try and mock up a file that magically matches your scenario. - you don't come off as a parasite treating this forum as a free air tasker website, you know....wah wah wah..I want this and this and this and no, you're not allowed to look at my file..but you are supposed to give me a fully working file.........for FREE.... yeah ppl might say I'm rude, abrasive....what ever....can't be bothered with those comments anymore. So if I see you struggle with whatever task at hand (ie. your file), then I'm more inclined to help. (don't stress, lots of ppl here are friendly, me i'm just usually grumpy)
  15. Polygon mesh from grains?

    particlefluidsurface ?
  16. Bullet Pieces stuck in air as inactive (SOP-Solver)

    here's the closest fix I can get to your orig setup. The crucial bit is the delete small parts. Who knows what you did with volume/pscale before the stash...well...only you would know but toggle the delete small parts on/off and you'll see. debug_coalpp_drop_0001_fix2.hipnc (I'm clutching at straws here...but it could be because some of your geo are minute...that size/mass approaching Zero causing these to be treated as inactive...hence delete small parts remedied it)
  17. Bullet Pieces stuck in air as inactive (SOP-Solver)

    here you are, works. I sped up my testing with gravity set at -99.8, you reset it to -9.8. Wouldn't bother with your custom set active debug_coalpp_drop_0001_fix.hipnc (it's something to do with your volume/pscale !)
  18. Bullet Pieces stuck in air as inactive (SOP-Solver)

    don't quite know but if I create one from scratch...it just works. So could be some funny buggers going on pre stash vu_RBD_test.hiplc
  19. vellum orientation constrain freaking out

    i don't get all the overcomplications. anyway, here's a simple setup, don't like it ? delete it... (tempted to submit it to HOULY Wind...snorrrrrt). vu_simpletree.hiplc
  20. Random link of interest

    UI design: https://arstechnica.com/features/2020/06/human-interface-come-on-a-tour-of-an-f-15c-fighter-jet-cockpit/
  21. Vellum Edge Fracture Cluster

    i don't think you should use edgefrac on a non-planar object tho...rbdmatfracture ? i mean yes you can use it on a sphere, as in cut up a balloon, but the results won't have "solid chunks".
  22. Vellum Edge Fracture Cluster

    while this is not clustering, it does give you the option of randomizing with seed, and vary it rather than being stuck with whatever SESI gives you. If you vary high enough, effectively they're merged. Left is boring default, right is my own hda. Both have Initial pieces set at 10. (video doesn't show Variance, but it's in the HDA)
  23. I'll even throw in Spacing... vu_HexRings3.hiplc
  24. VELLUM: Pulsating Inflation Help

    you were almost there...not sure why you didn't do the final "increase pressure step" (oh yeah, secret sauce is inside the vellumsolver SOP) vu_vellum_inflation_geometry.hiplc