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  1. Carve Line by UV Attribute (not parametric uvs)

    so it carves by absolute length right ?
  2. Direction Attribute from Color ?

    isn't it just set(some float, some float, some float) ? put the @Cd.r whereever you like...it's just a float (@Cd is a vector tho)
  3. Vellum approach to splashing water droplets

    I did something very similar...except I copytopoints 'jb' rather than blast the 'jb' first then copy...I still had problems with it being continuous emission....which was quite a funny wormy effect...oh well, keep that for another day.
  4. Vellum approach to splashing water droplets

    here's my basic test....trying to extrapolate that to splashes was way harder than I anticipated (let's just say...it's out of my league at the moment) (...unless I resort to unlocking the vellum solver again and set the starting frame to 1001)
  5. Vellum approach to splashing water droplets

    i did some initial test for just the main big drops...but got sooooo annoyed at your preroll of 1000 frames so chucked a wobbly and shelfed it.
  6. just an addendum: say you created a box for use as collision, you then search on the shelf in either vellum or collisions, they give you only surface collider so you just make do...click it and then go in to DOP and change it to volume but then....I found this.... go to the FEM shelf, there is a volume Collider....happy days.
  7. FEM tearing with constraint to object

    oh hey @Yann1ck, stumbled across this on my HDD... https://vimeo.com/313481349
  8. Geometry copy to particle points

    careful there.if i use H18 copytopoints, then you open it with H17...the copytopoints magically becomes a merge....huuuuh?
  9. here's a setup for you to dissect...thanks to @animfor telling me to unlock the vellumsolver the other day. 01) hit play, the grains will bounce on the grid, inside the solver i told them to stop, but they won't....however they WILL on hitting the ground! the grid is a surface, while the ground as old school Geoff Wagner told me in a video is actually a 3D volume. 02) now connect the 2nd (not 1st) output of the collisionsource1 to vellum collision, taking over from the grid. 03) hit play, the grains fall right thru the box (they still stop on hitting the ground which is good) 04) allow editing of the vellumsolver, dive in, find dopnet, dive in, find static object, collision detection is currently on solver default , change it to use volume 05) hit play, voila now the grains stop dead on hitting the box ! ie. grains don't like surface collisions, except for the default ground cos that is actually a volume. vu vellumgrainstest.hipnc
  10. maybe your self.r should be @Cd.r ? (and the r values are abit too much, innit ?)
  11. if(@hitnum >0) @stopped = 1 ? (or even @mass = 0 ?) ps: ahh i just re read your requirements...you want different behaviours for different colliders....dunno.
  12. How detect unshared edges pair for PolyBridge?

    just note in my ray...there's a tiny teeny bit of jitter scale...without it...some points wont' find their targets.
  13. How detect unshared edges pair for PolyBridge?

    well that's a use of divide I've never seen before!!!
  14. I'm surprise no one has made a game of hoarding toilet paper... - random rape/murder, tick - goat sim, tick - ethnic cleansing, tick - Religious conquests, tick - TP hoarding....nah...maybe too socially incorrect.
  15. How detect unshared edges pair for PolyBridge?

    well I did the little $hit....the big $hit still having a ponder........loooooooong ponder. vu_Capped.hiplc
  16. bottle rotation, best approch

  17. ahhhh...memories....guess i was doing a Nostraduma$$ back then
  18. bottle rotation, best approch

    there...now drop yer pants... (this one is nc cos i'm on my crappy machine at night foolin' around with Apprentice...but you get the gist ps: i don't quite know extracttransform, just fumbling around) vu_spinthebottle_cheat.hipnc
  19. bottle rotation, best approch

    ahhhhhh......got it....all you do is use a torus/disc instead....that way, it always lands flat...then use the torus as a proxy to drive the bottle. (just hope it doesn't turn the bottle upside down that is)
  20. bottle rotation, best approch

    this works....but it looks too lame to me...careful with 'sleep' it might stop too suddenly. Where's Murray Walker when you need him....spin spin spin..round round round... vu_spinthebottle2.hiplc
  21. bottle rotation, best approch

    c'mon...where's @anim he'll know how to make the heavy bottom to stabilise it
  22. bottle rotation, best approch

    sooooo...isolation leads to spin the bottle hey.....nudge nudge wink wink... hey here's my ludicrous attempt...I've tried loading the bottom with geo...or cheat with wider base....it's bloody fun tho....could be here all night !!! vu_spinthebottle.hiplc
  23. RBD Giant's Causeway Cracking

    Giant's Causeway cracking spirally.
  24. Primitive to particle Position

    ppl can spend time to mock up a file and help you but you should be polite and upload your file
  25. FEM tearing with constraint to object

    try: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/advanced-vellum-workflows-h17-masterclass/ at 2:51:20 (note the file name John is using, file is supplied)