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  1. Tommy Marshmallows Torture

    holding on for dear life...out stoic Tommy....
  2. Tommy Marshmallows Torture

    vu_vellumTommyMarshmallows.hiplc Anyone who laughs at this.......is a sadist.
  3. how to stick vellum object on static collider

    sticky pillows....ewl.... vu_vellumstickyballs2.hiplc
  4. how to stick vellum object on static collider

    here's a basic setup... vu_vellumstickyballs.hiplc
  5. Vellum Drape Automatch

    For when your points order don't match up nicely when Draping. I'm not a coder so I do what I can.....do not expect this to be bulletproof, some part can be clunky but I'm not a VEX expert so that's the best I can do.
  6. Resample issue

    it's because of your points order....turn on point numbers and you'll see. As an example, say on the left side you have a line with pts 0-1, with 1 being the 'innermost'. Then on the right you have a matching line with points say 31-30...with 31 being 'innermost'.....when you create a new long line, it joins 1 to 30...which is OUTTERMOST, then it goes back in to point 31......it's out of whack. In my file, you can use a simpler test case on the left, with just one line so you can easily observe the numbers, so imagine adding points 0-1-2-3 to create a long line, you can clearly see using add won't work, join will. Haven't tested exhaustively....but the issue is the points order....get that right, resample will work. vu_resample_issue1.hiplc
  7. Vellum's bend-stiffness control

    here's my foolin' around.....certainly cannot claim to know what I'm doing...just exploring...(prolly extremely inefficient method) vu_treetips.hiplc
  8. Redefining vellum properties on specific frame

    here's another basic proof of concept...on a scale of 1 (easy) to 10 (hard) for complexity...I'd give it a 1....barely.. There's almost no 'thinking' required here.
  9. Redefining vellum properties on specific frame

    once again, ask question....but don't upload anything to show your effort so far...No, I don't need your actual production file, just a SIMPLE test file to show where you are up to...the problems you are facing. If you would bother to do very simple proof of concept test, you'd find it's incredibly simple, doesn't require that much creativity to overcome the problem. See my proof of concept here...it cannot get simpler than this....took about 5 mins. I have no problems uploading my file to help others who have posted their file to show their efforts in tackling the problem...but no, you're not getting my file....
  10. Vellum's bend-stiffness control

    oh yeah, ok, never considered that '2 way action'...
  11. Dissolve random edges

    here, I've randomized your sort and also offset in random edges selection...you can see purple lines going to both places where it's being used vu_procedural subdivide11.hiplc
  12. Vellum's bend-stiffness control

    well it's just an attach to geo constraint. OR cheat....after the sim has finished, simply randomly select a few points out of the branches....copy 'fruit' to points...
  13. Subdivision Sop Producing bad results

    this is exactly what I said as your last get out of jail card....because you have Ignore Flat Edges on...so your first pic shows a SINGLE 'bridging' line...once that's disabled, it works.
  14. Subdivision Sop Producing bad results

    in your bevel, if you disable Ignore Flat Edges...could be your last get out of jail card...run for it !!!
  15. Subdivision Sop Producing bad results

    I'm gonna take a stab in the dark, you have a polybevel somewhere in there ? In the poly bevel, untick Allow Vertex Splits... ahh sorry, you've already mentioned about the bevel...ignore me.
  16. did same...tho I don't know about wrangling so I just used a Vellum Weld, then also attached the top seams to shoulders so less likely to slip off during violent moves. So after merge1, you've got the geos of both vests....simply treat this as the 'initial state'. Pretend some modeller has finished his part and gave you the vests and tell you to sim. Then it's just a normal standard procedures, configure cloth, weld the precut panels...add any extra attach to geometry...sim...
  17. How to Sweep around selected edges

    aha...how about this....in your Boolean, simply set Operation to Seam.....then all you get is the seam...don't even need to output any groups...all you get back is the seams....not even needing the dissolve, just feed Bool straight into the sweep. Mmmm...nah..this loses the perimeter geo...forget what I just said...
  18. agree...and because the asker asks lots of questions yet is so precious about uploading his file...I'm not giving him my file. Have a look around, lots of ppl upload their files for others to study...yet the one asking for a lot of help won't upload his...
  19. 3 drapes, run cycle...works. Didn't even sim/bake lower layer then sim next layer above.....all 3 layers were simmed live against each other in one sim.
  20. How to Sweep around selected edges

    Gamedev sop_edgegroup_to_curve1 is pretty handy here... While on the surface, it's a one node solution, looks nice.....but dive inside...it's more than a simple node....still boils down to dissolve tho...but if you like the neat look of just one node at the upper level......up to you (EDIT: oh well, Tomas solution is 1 node anyway...well I never look at other's solutions first before having a go myself...so that my thinking is not influenced by what's already been done...just me).
  21. 10 layers...1 sim...in one go....default cloth, substeps 3......no, I didn't do anything clever....just works.
  22. here's an idea....of course, it's not foolproof or robust at all, just an idea.... vu_paramond.hiplc
  23. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    hold the superlatives !!!....I can't wrangle my way out of a wet paperbag.
  24. vellum and FLIP feedback force (floating vellum)

    but surely if you 'mesh' your fluid....then that mesh is just another 'collider' to Vellum, ie. in particlefluid, particlefluidsurface...I would feed that into Vellum as a collider.... EDIT: hmm..while it sounds nice in theory...in practice, I guess because the mesh geo have changing point counts / topology....it doesn't play nice as collider as I would have hoped. (in my little test that is...I'm using a sphere emitter....while if you are using a tank....maybe the point counts won't change ? dunno)
  25. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    here's one way...I put the polyframe in there just in case...but wasn't even needed. vu_rectangular rod.hiplc