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  1. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    I found that if my wrist was banging against a hard surface, it hurts...alot....but a simple wristpad does the job....no pain at all
  2. stop motion with retime node

    slightly nicer with CTRLS vu_stopmotion2.hiplc
  3. stop motion with retime node

  4. Vellum Cloth Points Jittering Issue

    without your file, here's a generic setup. You can see it's trying to resolve itself, like at the elbows, armpits, shoulders, not necessarily against a collider (the character). If you can't be stuffed, enable the FREEZE and it will completely freeze. How does it look with your situation ?...who knows, only you do. Without the FREEZE, I've keyed the damping in Cloth so it dampens more after the character stops. vu_VellumTop.hiplc
  5. here's a more similar setup to yours, in previous post for whatever reason I didn't see your file there so I thought you wanted a generic setup. But here's a better setup for your situation. You can adapt your delete below a certain height into it, I haven't done it except for a simple Delete after the fact. vu_VellumSticky.hiplc
  6. didn't do part 2, since wasn't needed. vu_VellumStick.hiplc ahh...nevermind, don't bother looking into my file....but I'll leave it here anyway.
  7. vellum pin to target - arcade ticket machine

    cool, just occurred to me that instead of fiddling around with selection with bbox above the vel, much easier to use groupexpression and @P.x < 0 just far simpler and less fiddling around .
  8. vellum pin to target - arcade ticket machine

    You can adjust 'paper' quality in Cloth... vu_VellumTickets.hiplc
  9. you're overcomplicating things too much.. vu_Vellum_Pin to target.hiplc If you look in Cloth, you'd see I defined 'Cloth' only for the patch. Technically you can leave it blank to define all as cloth (but later on you pin the 'drum' part of the geo), it will still work but..slooooooooow. Hence to define only the patch part as cloth, then pin the rest of the drum as per user hand animation, much faster.
  10. it should work if you have separate pieces...but if you've merged several pieces together, then the combined bbox's longest dim will determine the grain direction (same as a tree, the grain goes along the longest dimension, not across the tree like its diameter). So if it's perpendicular to your hero piece, best to do it separate for your hero piece. In the below pic, if the cross beam at the front is so long, it will sabotage the grain for the other pieces...
  11. Normals pointing to center

    vu_center normals.hipnc
  12. Area preserving deformer

  13. 01) in SOP, enable Output Group 02) in DOP, refer to group above. vu_pressuretest.hiplc
  14. Set N points to same Y position

  15. I think this is far from an ideal solution, but it's something...(ie. if you 'know how many points are in a ring, then you can reconstruct the lines to derive N) vu_TransferNormals.hiplc
  16. Distribute by size

    in Point, change Axis..and Offset = Gap (this does not have 'order by size' logic in it) vu_Stacker.hipnc
  17. Curves Boolean

  18. Invisible spheres and how to cause an extrusion

  19. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    what about a Missile Launch...when's that ?
  20. just scrub timeline vu_LineCrawl.hiplc
  21. Vellum Drape Curtain Simulation

  22. .. vu_scatterDensity.hipnc
  23. there's some gremlins with the word Plaster....seems it reads the a as some special char somehow... just rename all your texture maps from Plaster to Hello, say, re-export FBX. Then it should render all with no probs in Houdini