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  1. Houdini Engine Volumes to Maya

    There's another question. We can avoid auto resize issue by disabling it while simming. but we found that after re-cache it in maya and read the xml file back. The gradient of the density are now the same anymore. Seems there's a density mapping issue.
  2. Houdini Engine Volumes to Maya

    Hi all, I am trying to import volumes from Houdini to Maya through the Houdini Engine I would be using VDB's but the renderer we are using does not support it. I succesfully cached my Houdini simulation in Maya as a Maya fluid and now it is independent from the Engine but the volume resizes incorrectly. It resizes from the center to all directions while it should be resizing from the center upwards. Does anyone have had this issue before?? Thank you in advance!
  3. Houdini Particles to Maya Redshift

    Thank you for your answer, how can I export the proxy from Houdini?
  4. Houdini Particles to Maya Redshift

    Thank you for your reply, that is actually a good way to do it but it would involve recreate the whole scene in houdini, doesnt it?
  5. Hi all, I want to import a particle simulation from houdini to Maya without using the Houdini engine and render in Redshift. I made a way around it stamping spheres into particles and exporting them as Alembic, but the file is too damn heavy. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, I have a big pyro simulation where I am clustering the simulation with multiple bounding boxes. The problem I have is that each primitive bounding box has its own density, vel , temperature fields separate. Here is a screenshot of how that looks: Is there a way to combine all those volumes and create one field for each?? Thank you in advance!