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  1. Noise flowing through Curve.

    Hello Odforce legends, I have recently comitted to picking up Houdini, with help of the Rebelway course intro to Houdini for Fx artists (Which I would recommend to anyone). I'm inclined to say I got the hang of particles, rigid body dynamics and so on in Houdini to a somewhat comfortable extent; however the whole VEX and so on remains a mystery to me, a whole new ballpark quite frankly. I have, presumeably, a fairly easy concept in mind, it's the following; I would like to animate noise flowing through curves; not in a world position kind of way, but rather through the curve. In maya I have created a bunch of guide curves, exported as alembic. Using UVtexture I have a per point value that goes from 0 to 1 along the length of the curve. Now how do I combine these, values in an attribute vop. In the comments of a Vimeo video I read that the solution would be to "create uv´s on the curve and drive a aa-noise with uv.x+time. " but it appears I get it wrong.. I keep getting a world position kind of effect rather than as described. I'd sincerely appreciate any help, thank you for your time spent reading.