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  1. Maelstrom

    awesome work - keep raising the bar
  2. Houdini 10 Wish List

    Some additional things that would be cool: -- snap to surface (POP and SOP) -- SOP to modify an attribute based on ID matching with another geometry. For example, you have two particle systems, with a different number of points, like a frame after / frame before if the system is creating new particles every frame. I would like to be able to compute an attribute based on both velocities, only when the point ID exists in both systems. Like a point SOP but instead of using $PT, using $ID or the attribute of choice (It would be great that houdini had that out of the box) that would be freaking awesome.
  3. Houdini 10 Wish List

    I like this! I would really like to have the ones in "bold", although the other ones would be great, too - good multithreading (for DOPs first, everything else later!) - fast volumetric engine - universal material for mantra (a la VRAY) - Collada export ( this is coming with FBX, right? ) - better DOPs<>SOPs integration (able to read SOP point data directly from DOPs, be able to visualize the attribute spreadsheet for DOPs easily,...) - faster viewport display - Persistent SOP Attributes > Will accumulate data. Won't be procedural, and will need to run from first frame to process properly, but could be incredibly useful in certain cases. Right now, you need to set up a particle system and accumulate into particles if you want that functionality. - Good collisions. POP collisions are not that great. What about adding levelset (implicit surface) based particle collisions? - Faster Mantra - Rewrite some tools so they are faster. (Grouping, Smoothing, etc...) Now I will go and read the thread to see what people think.
  4. Happy 10th Birthday Od[force]

    Happy!!! :thumbsup:
  5. My First Fluid Render, Yeeha!

  6. Maelstrom

    good work!
  7. Side Effects Hits 20 Years Today!

    Happy birthday, SESI!!!! :euro:
  8. Top 10 Reasons To Use Xsi

    What i've seen from XSI it's been very impressive. For me it's a very robust and powerful piece of software that is in it's infancy. The amount of geometry that can handle, the speed, the non-destructuve piepeline, riging tools and a lot of other things are fantastic. Of course, it lacks a lot of features, and it's pretty useless for doing effects, but that might change in the furue. If they keep working hard in it, I'm sure it's going to be an amazing soft, but right now, I wouldn't use it, since I do effecs.
  9. Such A Newbie!

    Good start. You will have a lot of fun with Houdini Welcome!
  10. Blockbusters Take Toll On F/x Shops

    That's a great article, thanks for sharing
  11. Spiderman 3

    The large balls are a rigid body sim using spheresim, which is a propietary RBD system that works just with points with radius (spheres). It's really fast, but not enough to simulate tens or hundreds of millons of sand grains, so the velocity vectors are passed (in a smart way) to the particle simulations that are instanced in rendertime, like Mark said. The sand pre-instancing can be pretty heavy. I remember I got close to 50 million raw particles in some shots.
  12. Sprite Snow

    Great sprites. They fool you completely at the beginning!!
  13. Spiderman 3

    The modeling and rigging is done in Maya, so it makes sense that the animation is also done in Maya. It has to do with the pipeline, which it has been there from long time ago. There are many tools written in Maya and other applications that wrap around it. Houdini is actually much more "disconnected" from the actual pipeline and I doubt they would use it for animation even if they will renovate the pipeline from scratch, for some reasons.
  14. Cactusos Laos Lsystemos

    Great work! I really like it!!
  15. "genesis" Effect

    pretty cool! Thanks for sharing