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  1. Hey guys! I'm very new to houdini, therefore I have a question. Trying to build a cage around (converted to polygons) smoke volumes, so it grows at the same speed with the main volume. It works perfectly as is if I'm putting whole node structure after visualization node. But since scatter generates points randomly, cage looks also very random on every frame. Which is not what I want. I see the solution like this: 0.Create a start point(active) 1.Get the volume from Pyro sim. 2.Scatter points around 3.Calculate the closest points (towards volume expansion) to the current active point and re-assign them. 4.Connect with lines 5.Get to the new volume from sim. (pt.1) However, I don't really understand what and where should go, in terms of Houdini mechanics. Obviously, it has to go in the solver, but the whole pyrofx is a solver already.