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  1. Smoke Swirls inside pyro?

    thankyou all, the information you guys provided is awesome and i can now understand how it works. thankyou all thankyou very much.
  2. I am trying to create a effect like when superman comes through the smoke it creates the swirls inside smoke as given in the link below, but the problem is i am not getting how to start this kind of effects in pyro. I am trying, please help me on this. Superman Saves Lois Lane _ Desert Scene - Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (2016) Movie Clip - YouTube.mp4
  3. Nested Instance

    when ever i am selecting the DOP network for breaking stone the houdini console giving the "Nested Instance" message. Please let me know what is the exact meaning of this message.
  4. Fur rendering problem

    in houdini 16 how can i reduce the width of line in render? and i want the width near about line visible in viewport but every time i render it its coming different. i attached image also.
  5. Cluster Smoke not working

    so may be its software issue ill check in aonther version of houdini, thankyou for help
  6. Cluster Smoke not working

    I switch it to Stamp points it still not working, it only showing the container not any fluids
  7. I am trying to emit smoke using cluster method but its not working, i am not getting which step i am missing. cluster smoke file.hipnc
  8. collide instance debris with static ground

    thankyou for help
  9. collide instance debris with static ground

    how will i send the pieces into the simulation so the simulator can collide correctly? i am not getting which dop should i use.
  10. collide instance debris with static ground

    the file worke on houdini 15 noncommercial Debris.hipnc
  11. I created debris particles after fracturing the object. Now I am not able to collide those instance debris with each other and with static ground. please help me on this.
  12. how to Edit alembic

    I am currently unable to select primitives of an Alembic geo (Exported From Maya). I want to emit particles from particular faces of geo.
  13. Pyro Shader in houdini 16

    ok, and i found the pyro shader. but thankyou for your suggestion .
  14. I am not able to search pyro shader in houdini 16 (non commercial) ? please let me know is there any other alternative to find pyro shader .
  15. Vops parameters

    Hi, I am new to Vops and learning it and I am using HOUDINI 16, but when i am try to figure out is the parametes in vops like Position (P) or Velocity (v) are vector, float, or integer i am not able to. In HOUDINI 14 I am getting which is vector float or integer in vops. So how to figure it out in HOUDINI 16. I attached the images for this query.