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  1. did you know?.....

    Im not suprise, Maya is full of undocumented features.
  2. Spirited Away

    No? And this is pretty cool. I happen to like Lupin III. wasnt this character design by Miyazaki? not totally sure. But as for the game itself, graphics look awful for a PS2 game, the ingame content was done totally in LW3D. just because the graphics are awful doesnt mean the gameplay is awful( havent tested it personally, maybe you can someday)
  3. Spirited Away

    Are you by any chance a Pixar and/or Avid/Softimage employee? not at all, im your worse nightmare: im a Maya, XSI, and Houdini user I do works for another company. really love Houdini particles!!
  4. Spirited Away

    http://www.lupin-game.com/ seen this game?
  5. NURBS in prodution

    No, i was not joking, XSI 2.0 NEVER had a trim , just now in XSI 3.0 Avid added trim. Like i said before, they dont think its important, Or they think its odd and dying technology. I guess big on NURBS like Rhino. Blah, of course Rhino NURBS are better, because all they do is NURBS! Personally i like Rhino NURBS over any other software NURBS i have used. If Maya, or Houdini only do NURSB modeling, it would be just as great, since those company only focus on improving that feature. But Houdini and Maya development team have alot boarder focus and respondsibility.
  6. Spirited Away

    gotta love the Softimage XSI effects, in that movie:D Alot of it was Softimage and XSI. Always been a fan of Miyazaki san works, since Momonoke Hime, and even ealier works.
  7. NURBS in prodution

    It seems, Avid has very little love for NURBS or feels that NURBS isnt as important anymore. NURBS in Softimage XSI is only 20 % implemented, the only known thing about XSI 3.0 is that they added Trim, which is a nice start, but lets start rolling out more NURBS toolset! NURBS are still better for most product design than polygons or Sub-D. But NURBS are tough, theres not way to get multiple patches into a single patch so you can easily texture them and animate them in Maya. Not sure about the NURBS in Houdini? Anyway, Avid, should make life easier , by adding more NURBS toolset and maybe a surface operator( Use to create single patch that can be expanded upon ). Lastly, i love Softimage XSI, but without NURBS..i wont be using it much..
  8. Houdini VTM(video training magazine) yes or no?

    Guest = Renderman_XSI forgot to sign it.
  9. NURBS Surface generating question

  10. Houdini VTM(video training magazine) yes or no?

    Well, if SideFX decides to sponsors 3DBUZZ, they would be paying for the VTM, mainly most of the money would be allocated to Houdini VTM and whats left is use to pay for other VTM, thats a fair assumption. Its too bad i cant get a copy of that 3Dworld Magazine, with the Houdini Tutorail by Jason. As always it should contain some great stuff,since Jason is the teacher.
  11. NURBS Surface generating question

    Hey, thank all for the reply. I'll take alook at the skin and rail OP. skin is really really nice OP. While im here i want to ask, how do i snap to point, snap to curve? i already know how to snap to grid. Because in Maya, if you want to rail any curves you have to make sure they are snap on each other. As for my name(Renderman_XSI) it justs means i want Renderman to be the native renderer for Softimage XSI. BTW, im learning Max,Maya,XSI, AutoCAD2002 and now Houdini.
  12. Houdini VTM(video training magazine) yes or no?

    Hey, maybe everyone can spam SideFX with e-mail requesting a Houdini VTM. haha. j/k I know there are some differences. But a bigger issue is in some of the tutorail from sideFX site, it says to delete the ground and sky. umm..what ground and sky? Im in Houdini Master!there is no ground and sky. I think i could really use a Houdini VTM,otherwise, this demo is going to be put to sleep for awhile.
  13. NURBS Surface generating question

    hello everyone! Im new to Houdini, im wondering about Houdini surfacing tools. Im looking for tools that are somewhat like Mayas: birail 2,birail,birail3 tools. Does Houdini have such tools? I prefer to work in NURBS for cars, so i want to model a car in Houdini using NURBS and its respected surfacing tools. Maya birail tools, works like this, if i select a 2 curves then a another curve i can generate a surface base off those curves. Same for Birail2+ and Birail3, but it gives you more curves to base for final surface geometry on. Hope a Houdini expert can help!thanks
  14. Houdini VTM(video training magazine) yes or no?

    hey, draz we have 26,000 members at 3dbuzz.com so you know at least 1 or more people were reading that thread. But i think, most people there feel that Houdini is not for a beginner, which i cant agree to at all. I just found out, i could drive down to Santa Monica to pick up a copy of the demo,,,too late:S 3 weeks feels like eternal wait. hey, but i got a question for you, whats the difference between Houdini Master, Select and Halo? I assume it has the same relationship in terms of number of tools as Maya Unlimited, Maya Complete and Builder? But from what is sounds like, Houdini looks to be better than any other software i have used in the past. I was interested in making a demo of the YF-19 and YF-21 fighting, maybe i would use Houdini over Maya. jyamata
  15. hey, just would like to take a poll/ comment on the idea of having a VTM, that could be provide by Jason, of 3dbuzz.com? i hope im not spamming(sinces i put this in 3 Houdini related sites:D) Personal i think a VTM would be great, if Buzz can fit it in, too his busy life that is.