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  1. I'm confused about a School

    Thank you very much for your comments. I guessI'll try to find some more tutorials about all kind of aspects. I'm not sure yet what kind of 3D I would be interested in working with. I like modeling a lot, but lighting, programming, rendering, shading, l-systems and animation is also very interesting. The only things that dont interests me are UVs and rigging. For this summer I'll make a small demoreel where I use some of my models in animations and integrates vfx work simulations, because vfx is also a field that interest me so so much. I really like to work with 3D.I'm very sure that I've found my right way. By the way: I just recently got a job offer. It's a parttime/freelance position over the summer. That is so awesome. Cheers
  2. I'm confused about a School

    Thank you very much! I also think that 3D college is the best choice to make. There's also the Danish Film School (but I guess that more if you'd like to become a director or producer in animation). I just recieved a letter from the school I've applied to and they just turned me down. I think they wanted 2D-guys who knew how to use Adobe (that's more or less the only program we use in Denmark). But it's good to know that many people don'thave an a degree but still can find work in the industry. I'll much rather prefer to just go into the business as soon as possible and if nescessary work for free just to get my foot inside the door. I don't know the 3D business at all. Do you think my work (pixelator.net) is okay to try to apply some places?
  3. I'm confused about a School

    As a start 3D modeling. I'll try to make a demoreel over the summer. SESI sounds like a great opportunity. Cheers
  4. I'm confused about a School

    Hey Diego, Thanks for your message. I think I'll turn it down if the should offer me to join the school. I'm kind of "lost" when it come to schools and cources. I really enjoyed the cources from Vizy Acky (especially 3D math). Do you think I'm good enough to apply for a job at the moment - untill I find a school? Thanks!
  5. I'm confused about a School

    Hi guys, I'm having a few question do to a specifik school in Denmark, which I've applied to lately. The thing is, that they tell it's a school who practices in digital design, like 3D graphics. I have seen a few examples but is really not convinced. I have recently applied (they wanted some of my graphic to make the decision if I'm good enough) and is now waiting for there answer. But I'm so so nervous if this is the right choice to make. If you'd like you can see some of the schools examples here: http://interaktivt-design.dk/2016/05/23/3-uger-med-motion-graphics/ I do some 3D in my sparetime, which you can see on pixelator.net. I don't know how good I am, but do you think this school is a good choise. Most of the examples are final product after 3 years. I hope someone can help me. Thanks a lot! Another examples is these:
  6. face meshing

    Fantastic work!
  7. Robot

    Hi guys, I've worked a little with this robot. I'm kind of a noobie within the field of 3D. I think I might have done a few mistakes. Eg. I used cookies instead of polysplit/knife-tool when I modelled the mouth. Hopefully I'll learn from that in future. Please feel free to tell me what You think about it :-) I have used a refference from 3D World magazine.