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  1. Oh nice. A simple math node with an animated "post add" works fine for wheelspins and braking. Thanks!
  2. Julian! You are a champ! This is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing the file. For a rookie like me it is absolutely a joy to learn this way Your setup is very straightforward and easy to customize for different car models. As I played around with it last night I came across a few ideas: - Ability to reverse (right now the wheels can only spin forward, even when the car is traveling backwards) - Override wheel rotations (It would be great to make the wheels over- or underrotate for wheelspins or aggressive (no ABS) braking) The first one I have no idea. The second one, I have no idea either but that doesn't stop me from digging into it... I guess it would be best to do the overrides directly inside the "distance_travelled" CHOP network. Maybe I should after the "vector1" (before it goes into the area calculation). I couldn't figure it out yet so any pointers would be massively appreciated.
  3. Controlling Focus Distance

    Have you guys manage to make this work with redshift eventually?
  4. Ohh yesss! Exactly what I wanted. Here's the code, I'll just leave it here as a solution in case anyone stumbles accross this: def outputPlaybarEvent(event_type, frame): if event_type == hou.playbarEvent.FrameChanged and frame == 1: print event_type hou.playbar.play() hou.playbar.removeEventCallback(outputPlaybarEvent) return False hou.playbar.addEventCallback(outputPlaybarEvent) hou.setFrame(1)
  5. Hey there. I would like to record a series of UI commands and replay them via a hotkey. Coming from Modo I have macros in mind but not sure what is the equivalent of that in Houdini. Can someone point me in a right direction? For now as a very simple example: I just want to have the F1 key assigned to "Restart playback from first frame" so essentially Stop > Go back to frame 1 > Play. Right now this would be Shift Up, then Up which is inconvenient and requires two hands. Hitting F1 would be tremendously useful during tweaking my simulations. Thanks! Kristof
  6. I knew it exists! Thank you so much!
  7. Hey there! Is there any trick to force houdini to show the updated values of various UI elements such as sliders during the playback? It would be tremendously helpful to just keep the playback running while I keep on tweaking my values and just being able to see what I'm doing. As the simulation refreshes anyway when the playhead hits the end of the loop there's really no need to this whole "stop > go back to frame 1 > play" ordeal. Please tell me there's a trick for this Thanks!
  8. Hi Matt, Thanks for the tip. It looks pretty promising especially for retopo. I'm still hoping to find some multi constraint solution in Houdini but I definitely save this for later.
  9. Hi chaps, Can anyone come up with a neat solution for this porblem? I have a male head photoscanned in two sessions by two different camera equipment. Unfortunately one of these sets were lost and the only thing we could salvage is the high res model itself, no aligned cameras, no photos. I would like to fit the salvaged head (grey) to the old one (green) but manually I can only do so much and I hope I can align it more precisely with some neat Houdini magic. Has anyone tried something like this? Obviously it is two entirely different topology and the old one is quite noisy. If there isn't anything automatic then I thought of maybe having multiple constraint ponts on prominent features on both of these models (tip of the nose, tip of both ears, chin, etc) and then just snap those together. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks, -knk-
  10. Sync selections between viewports?

    You're a life saver! I always use [ and ] to split my views but I've just realized that ctrl 1,2,3,4 are actually so much quicker and neater. Thanks man!
  11. Hey guys. Is there any way to sync selections between multiple viewports such as perspective view and UV view so I can see my selections in multiple places? Here's how modo (and any other normal 3D software) shows selections: And here is Houdini which treats different viewport independently which I'm sure has some logical explanation but when I do UVs I'd like to see my selections vica-versa in all the viewports. Is there any way to do what modo does folks? Please help me! I don't want to abandon Houdini and roundtrip to another app to create and modify my UVs. Thanks in advance! Kristof
  12. Hey guys. On my "life goals" list there is this insane task of creating a dynamic car rig that is fully customizable for different shapes and sizes of cars (normal road cars, 4x4, race cars, etc) It should be something like the videos below. The reason behind this is I love cars (obviously) and I want to create a ton of car related stuff in houdini to learn dynamics, pyro, flip, grains but I don't want to spend too much time with setting up a vehicle and meticulously keyframe animate every aspect of it. The videos below look very realistic in terms of physics and they look like they're ready to be lit and rendered, and all these extra elements to be added. Needless to say that my intention is to share the setup if it ever gets this good. So what do you think would be the best way to approach this complex task? Is there already something out there that can be used for this? Ps: in the meantime I'm already downloading every hip and hda that is even remotely related to this topic
  13. Gently wobbling fluid and foam

    Wow! That looks great! It is super advanced for me but I'll try to de-cypher it. Thanks man!
  14. Gently wobbling fluid and foam

    Hi. I'm new to Houdini and wondering how would you guys approach something like this the simplest way: Wobbly fluid example I don't necessarily think that flip is needed for this. Maybe there is a much easier way (like animated booleans) but the foam part is what concerns me. The example looks like it is a texture but I'm not sure if live booleans can have UVs. Anyway I'm just thinking out loud. Any ideas would be highly appreciated. Thanks! wobbly_fluid.mp4