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  1. Shooting a bottle

    Hey houdini people, I am trying to shoot a bottle. My approach was to take the bottle and fracture it use glue to keep it together take a bullet and give it velocity to hit the bottle Bottle breaks correctly I am happy Well, step 4 and 5 are still missing. The bullet does bounce off and then the bottle breaks at the bottom which is kinda weird. Is my approach correct? Any hints what to change/improve? Any pointers to a topic I should look into or a tutorial? Thanks for your input
  2. liquid steel

    Thanks for the additional tipps, and sadly I won't sink a terminator in there
  3. liquid steel

    No, I did not, as work is blocking me right now, just wanted to check back with you guys for a hint. for one flip is new to me, and second velocity smoothing tip is exactly what I was looking for. I will try that and come back with the first tests. Thanks
  4. liquid steel

    Hey guys, could you point me in a direction how I would go about doing this kind of effect. Liquid steel pouring with break ups on the side, then when hitting the ground having splashes but also running down the present elements. At least that's how I interpret the picture. Any pointers are highly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Collision Geometry visible outside POP

    Thank you Atom!
  6. Collision Geometry visible outside POP

    Sorry for spamming. But I think I fixed it. Delete kinda deleted it from the sim, so I just told the popnet to Object Merge just the popobject. Houdini got me again. I guess that is the right way to do?
  7. Collision Geometry visible outside POP

    Okay, I managed to "hide" it. I used a Object Flow -> Delete. Would that be the correct way?
  8. Hey guys, I'm on 18.0.416 and when I add a collsion object to my pop and deactivate 'Display Geometry' it is in fact not displayed inside the pop. But when I go out of the pop there it is in all its glory. Inside the context is no geo and it is not visible the node before the POP. Even when I then render it out the geo is in there... How do I stop the geo to show up? Thanks and cheers
  9. Accessing Normal of a Primitive

    Did not figure this one out, but for now I just adjusted the resulting points per VEX
  10. Accessing Normal of a Primitive

    In my example I have an arc, and wanna extrude the sides. but because there is a slight tilt in the lower normal it does not extrude along the ground plane, the lower points are slightly off. Is there a way to access the normal and to manipulate it in VEX?
  11. if x in - Is that possible in VEX? Or How to do that?

    Feels like a work around, but that will definitly do the trick. Thanks!!!
  12. Hey, I wanna access certain points in my geo. Is it possible to or how would I, let's say, with var and max_value being variables already set. int an_array[] = array(0, var-1, max_value, 100) if @ptnum is in an_array[]{ do this; } Cheers
  13. Introduction to Vex

    And maybe how to create groups with the group expression, especially different ways of iterating over the points, edges primitives. And although way over my head, doing a solver. Watched the introduction, despite needing more practice this was fun, and very informative. And the pace was top notch. Will try to use more and more. Thanks Rohan.
  14. Dot dot dot

    Nice timing of the different states
  15. Making Dessert in Houdini - Training

    Didnt see it, now I know it. Thanks