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  1. Explosion Rbd with pyro clustering

    Thanks for your detailed reply it's so explanatory. I followed the points but stucked in something. conteiners existed but my gas resize didn't work correctly. You have any suggestion abouth it? i attached the hip file. ClusterRbd.hip
  2. Explosion Rbd with pyro clustering

    Hi, i'm working on an explosion scene with pyro that existing from pop trails. but when i simulating my pyro, the area of sim is going bigger so much and killing me. i think there is a way like on that video is there any way to make multi containers like clustering my rbd explosion as like that for speed up sim? i attached the hip file that i found on web and learning from it. Rbd_Explosion_With_Smoke.hip
  3. OpenCL Sim caching with multiple gpus

    yep i saw it from my google search and tried but i want to speed up my cache process. Thanks for your reply Atom
  4. OpenCL Sim caching with multiple gpus

    Hi, is there anyway to cache my pyro sim in opencl with my 4 gpu (4xgt1080)? i couldn't find any preferences on houdini or topic in search. Thank you.