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  1. Hi guys, Like what the title says.. Did anyone actually manage to match them out before?? Any ideas how??
  2. anyone know what's the difference? and how does the div size in fluid source affects the final resolution?
  3. Rendering pyro problem

    Hi guys, so I've been following some example file to get the jet thruster kind of look. But my render just end up filled my bounding box with smoke. If I were to check import on density, the smoke disappear. But the example file one looks fine tho.
  4. Exploding balloon

    Hi guys, I'm trying to get something like this. I'm not sure how to start it to be honest. I did some research and I found this old thread but it cant get it to work for H16 sadly. Any Ideas?
  5. normal problems

    Ok my bad for not explaining the details. I do know how to get the packed alembic to polygon and correct them using reverse sop or post normal calculation. But the problem is some of my meshes normal are flipped and some are fine which is unpredictable as if I put down the reverse sop for example, the initial flipped normal will be corrected and the original correct normal will be flipped. In maya everything is fine. So I was wondering maybe I did miss something in the exporting and importing process cause I dont feel like selecting all those flipped meshes and reverse them myself
  6. normal problems

    hi guys, anyone knows why my vertex normal is opposing my prim normal? In maya, the mesh is fine but when I bring it in as alembic file some meshes have this problem.
  7. Deleted constraint restores on its own

    Hi guys, I've figured it out and it's my bad really to cache the geo of my animation that causes it to reconstruct the constraint every couple frames. Mine still works tho without deleting them per frame basis. Once it's broken, it should always be ignored otherwise you write some specific functions for that I think. As for richard, I tried that but it's not the case unfortunately. Thanks anyway guys
  8. Hi guys, I have this problem where I've deleted bunch of constraints when certain force threshold is exceeded using some vex code in sop solver but they came back after couple frames. Anyone know any circumstances that can cause constraints to restore on its own?