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  1. Hi the idea is to make a funny little clip ~10sec where a clay ball tries to model a litlle boy out of it self (pinochio with a twist) :shocking: the short script woud be a ball starts to bounce, until it pushes a limb out (hand), then the hand molds another one hands ma make a hole @ neck position and pull out a head it jumps some mote until it's upright position - starts to shake, pushes - and it has a leg, now hands pull the legs appart - the character (lets call him Marvin in the honour of the most intelegent being in the universe (according D. Adams)) starts to look rather proud - suddenly a hand breaks off and falls to pieces, he looks suprised and falls backwards breaking off one legg - the final shot a lot of pieces and a leg standing proud (it should look like the clay tried up) I am not planning to do any complicated volume calcluation for soft clay, morphing? metaballs with good displacement texture? maybe even i3d that woul leave me some options for filtering the surface? Also if anybody has a good idea how to do SIMPLE breaking .... I just don't feel up to the Gatorade add also no DOP's yet Planning to put at least 4h per week on to this (as I am finishing full fetaure lenght documentary it is hard to find the time) I think the order of stuff made would be: storyboards models technical planning re-modeling for fx executing effects back to technical planning (assesing what did wrong in the first time) hope to get decent stuff any comments, suggsestions etc? -Kaspar
  2. Getting A Real Job

    I was workind 36h in a row (not a good thing to do) and hit all time low self pity phase :ban: but I dought show some of the work I have done so maybe someone would give me pointers what should be done better. www.duograaf.ee/pildid/kaspar/cinemania.mpg Done in maya - layered rendering and compsiting (shake) all done by me www.duograaf.ee/pildid/kaspar/arvuti.mpg Done in houdini - a really short deadline project again all done by me www.duograaf.ee/pildid/kaspar/korkjad.mpg Done in maya - i did the scene and some extra animation, the bottles and pear were handed to my by the studio the ocean is a displacement shader www.duograaf.ee/pildid/kaspar/trapiche.mpg Done in houdini - I was tring to simulate real-flow like fluids with blobs so let me know what should be my pet project for next few months that would help me land a decent intro job in US/asia? -Kaspar
  3. Getting A Real Job

    Hi, I have been activly working in the field of CG for more than 7 years - mostly doing BS jobs, low pay, low quality - latley I started to put together my own little studio but as I was tring to accomplish this in Estonia (population of 1.5mill) you can see how this can fail an never pay for master houdini lic (As majority of films made around here are funded by covernemnts - because they would never pay for themseleves there is no reason why somebody would hire a local studio when they get the money to go somewehere else) So here goes, what am I doing wrong? Up untill this point I have been taking jobs that would pay me some money because it all cost money, during this time I have become quite an expert in compositing, trackin, editing while 3d has been lurking around in s**t job land I know it is hard to leave but I feel I have to - when I was 18 and wrote my of 3d software, evrybody would go wow, now I am just a 24 year old bum who cant find a decent job. I feel that I have become quite fast with houdini and woul like to work with this tool, so what are the main stuff that should be strong on my demo reel (I feel strong @ desingning custom workflofs/pipes, riggin and sorts) so I am thinking to take few months off and doing a decent demo on my home computer with aprentice so any good material, pointers or get a houdini or technical 3d job notions are welcome and if you know someone hiring in the field let me know -Kaspar
  4. Prman And Raytracing

    after hours in documentation I have figured out to hand fix my rib the line I need to add to every object that I want be "seen" by rays is Attribute "visibility" "trace" [1] now how can I include this inside houdini, I bet it something like including part of an external rib (just to make thing interesting, but how to do that ) OK figured this one out as well object level, render tab, pre-include -> dough :oneeyedsmiley02: Now is there any way to create raytracing shaders in VOP's? at the moment I am just writing them in notepad - nad a bad thing but if need something simple it is easyer to tweak inside houdini -Kaspar
  5. can someone set me up with quic tutorial - just that I could get my first raytarced image done, so I could start making some sense into this BTW what is up with that there is on trace VOP? but there is gather, reflect and refract? -Kaspar
  6. It's been a while for any news or upgrade for the program, when can wee see some updates? Also still hoping for OSX version to emerge -Kaspar
  7. I rember it was a while back when sidefx demod dop's and still no news? Maybe Siggie this year? -Kaspar
  8. just tring thing here but when I import the PFtrack .clip file the axis are all wrong - has anybody used PFtrack, or I am better off working it out with pixel farm support? -Kaspar
  9. Linear Algebra on odwiki

    Have you ever seen a houdini user that would say: "naah, I don't want know how this works!" We do the things easy way: by knowing what we are using so detailed explenations are always useful (especially when they are well structured so you clud take what you need and come back when you have the time for readin up on something specific) -Kaspar
  10. Has anybody done some nice tracking scripts, or know (free) software that can export 2d tracking position so I coud import them via CHOPs? any pointers? -Kaspar
  11. MacOS Houdini? Vote now!

    Hi, I use mac at the moment for HD editing and recived my cinema display today, DAMN thats a hot screen, man I dont wand to go back to my old sony 22" CRT on my linux workstation other than that I think OS X has lot more potential than sun OS for houdini grow on... btw: just thought that maybe it is possible to use x (xfree86) over ethernet to use houdini on mac? No fast graphics but still worth a shot? -Kaspar
  12. You have to run the licence server first :shocking: I think it was "sesid" -Kaspar
  13. Doing simple cloth thingy

    OK I want learn is it possible to do cloth simulation with the particle tools inside houdini.... I am off to a good start, created a grid, made a soft body rop :dots: (aint I smart), now applied force pop (y=-1) and a collision pop to simple sphere. the problem is, how could I have self collision, so I would get folding and wrinkles? the scond problem is that the "cloth" seems to sink into the sphere with time :nuke: anyhow maybe somebdy with more exp could throw together a simple scene from where I could learn a thing or two about soft body pop's? -Kaspar
  14. Hi I just installed ver 7 on my linux box@home (P2 dual 333Mhz, 128MB RAM) and the damn thing fly's on my suse9.0 gnome. I mean it superfast considering what preformance I get @ 2.8Ghz P4 with 6.1 Anyways I can now enjoy the wonders of houdin @ home in NC mode -Kaspar
  15. Multiple Monitors

    well, if you use xp monitor managemnt then it is like many M$ things, it seems like it is working whilst... weeeeeel when I used XP monitor management on 6.0.x then I dindt get pop-up menus so I use nView -Kaspar