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  1. How's my sand wall so far?

    fixin' in the comp is the way to go. i figured that is what you would do. very cool, make sure to post a QT when you are done, so we all can check it out.
  2. How's my sand wall so far?

    it's looking real good. the actual cloud looks great. a suggestion of mine would be to make sure the sand "cloud" blends more with the actual sand dune. it looks like a sudden change between cloud and solid. b.t.w. - how long is it taking to generate your i3d textures at that resolution??? keep rockin'
  3. The physics of pops

    totally bitchin' this is huge, it will be SO incredibly useful in a test that i am doing. thanks -was there a specific site you found useful or did you find the information spread over many sites.
  4. Mongolia pictures

    stremik, do you live in the city or 'burbs?? i work in the river north area but live in the burbs. great to find someone else around here that uses houdini, i use it on my own as well, but i'm trying to get a full seat of it at work. right now we are evaluating its role in our pipeline. without a doubt, houdini is great, but we're also checkin out mantra as a possible render solution. !!!!oh and just to clarify for all of you fellow adicts out there. . . . . . i wasnt aware of any companies within the greater CHICAGOLAND area that used houdini in production.
  5. Mongolia pictures

    hey Stremik, (i realize this isn't about foreign experiences, sorry) you are currently living in chicago??? rad. that's where i'm at right now. are you using Houdini for work or just using it on your own?? i didn't think just about anyone else used houdini around here. (please continue foreign discussion)
  6. Mongolia pictures

    i always enjoy checking out other people's camera work. i'm just curious as to what camera you used. the color photos have a great range of value.
  7. Brazil vs. Mantra

    on the topic of Brazil vs. Mantra, how can you really compare them, when Brazil is 3DS MAX specific?? also, don;t go passing off mental ray as just some pretty picture generator, its a really impressive renderer. but that;s just my opinion.
  8. Pin Table

    arg everytime i think i'm doing well, one of you go and post something that is way past what i manage. . . . looking in the direction of chang and edward but it's a good thing. right?
  9. well i actually had the chance to beta test the touch designer program. i used to be pretty involved in the whole realtime visuals realm. however i just haven't had the time recently to further pursue it. i wouldn't say it is houdini. it has the similiar houdini functionality(same interface, colors, buttons, locations, etc..) however, i would liken the similarities between houdini and touch designer as to that of one video game using anothers 3d engine. they have the same underlying base, but the derivative programs are all strictly geared towards realtime graphics. touch designer has a really beefed up CHOP editor. it has huge support for midi and other external triggers to control your chops. it also allows users to control values through physical mixing boards. as well, the audio tools are also greater increased. download the demo and check it out. there are some cool people over at derivative. mC
  10. Pin Table

    alright, so this "challenge" or topic has thoroughly peaked my interest. however, i havent had much luck recreating it. please show some love this way houdini brethen. any hints. thanks