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  1. resolve takes into main

    Hi Galagast, thanks for your take merge snippet. Unfortunately I had some issues with it, but I could fix it: main_take = hou.takes.rootTake() current_take = hou.takes.currentTake() if main_take.name == current_take.name: hou.ui.displayMessage('Please set to a Take other than the \'Main\' take.') else: parameter_tuples = current_take.parmTuples() parameter_value_dict = {} for parameter_tuple in parameter_tuples: for parameter_tuple in parameter_tuples: for parameter in parameter_tuple: parameter_value_dict[parameter.path()] = parameter.eval() hou.takes.setCurrentTake(main_take) for key, value in parameter_value_dict.items(): print 'setting current parameter %s == %s' % ( key, value) hou.parm( key ).set( value ) print 'merged %s Take into Main' % current_take.name() I was also to lazy to make it recursive, so it doesn't takes care of parent takes.