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  1. Softbody, FEM or Vellum?

    Hey .Hipsters, I'm quite new to houdini and at the moment I'm struggling a bit. I have an animation of some Cells, which pop out of some pores. Now I'm not totally sure, how to start. My Cell-animation would come as an alembic. 1st: Is it possible to let the Cell push through the pore like some softbody and has some kind of target / end-state. 2nd: How to acchieve the pore-stuff. Vellum Softbody or FEM. Would be cool, if somebody could help me out greetz natnat
  2. confetti cannon

    Hey wizzards, I'm started with something similar to a confetti cannon and run into my first problem. I use a pyro sim, to kick/blast out my particles. So far so good, but I'm still insecure how to use this part-sim, to clone some conefetti (planes) on to it. They should be dynamic and it would be ideal, if they are some clothlike thingi. Has anyone a suggestion, how to handle this? so at the end the quastion is, how to combine clothsim and particle sim. greetz natnat new_presim.mp4
  3. how to create snowhaze

    I just took a little look on that file, but it seems to be definitly usefull I'll check it and will give an update.
  4. how to create snowhaze

    my only problem is to get the velfield. If i try to feed my particles results into a fluidsource...i can't see any vel :/ or the scene is way too big 1,5km x 3,5km - which is of course insane to translate that in a dense volume^^ at this point...is it possible to cut out the used vel space to decrease the needed voxels - maybe some vdb workflow? or is it possible to trail/trace a one-shot particle emission and use that in a loop ? I upload the file maybe someone could show me, what I'm missing... greetz natnat natnat_snowhaze_v1.hipnc
  5. how to create snowhaze

    Hey mate, no chase I allready made some progress in term of setting up the initial vel direction through a look up near points...wich works pretty nice on the emitting procedural HF object, so this part is getting the right way I also added some popforce with a force dir and the curlnoise helps a lot, i think twice the size of the length works good (swirlsize) So far so good... canyon_parthaze.mov
  6. how to create snowhaze

    u mean, like at first a popforce with with a X vel direction and on top of that a subtle volume velocity with curl noise feeded through a pop adcevt by volumes right?
  7. hey guys ´n girls, It's me again. Does anybody know, how to achieve this snowy haze like in my real footage? i thought, i will go for some smokesim for that and popadvectbyvolume some snowflakes, based on their velocity... Other suggestions? greetz natnat snowHaze.mov
  8. ??? now it works... u sure u just disabled the gas solvers? thx btw a lot_
  9. really? i disabled the solver now, but still the same problem o0 not sure what´s going on... would be weird if this problem is caused by the hardware?!? test_.mov
  10. yes, reverse / non /rev u /rev v doesn't make any other result :/ it seems like the mirrored one has not the same density like the original... screen from the fluid source node_
  11. hey guys n girls, maybe someone can help me with my problem. i want to emit some smoke from a .obj , which is driven by an alembic (rotation/trans). Now I want to mirror it with a mirror node. allright still everything is working... , BUT if I make a smoke-sim out of it, my mirrored object emits less smoke than my original object. I allready killed the original in the mirrornode and merged it afterwards back together (not logical, but the only thing i had thought of). maybe somebody had run into that problem before and could give me a quick advise greetz natnat alembic_smoke_test.hipnc
  12. Hey peeps, Is there any chance to cache or to increase the performance of an VolumeWrangle node? I know, how i can do it with dopnetworks, but i have no clue HOW TO for that VEXnode... cheers natnat
  13. that´s it sick, so easy first modelling project in houdini^^ thanks a lot! vtr vtr just had to feed it into the distance scale