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  1. Hi there I have some data coming into Houdini as a .csv as animated points, which is mocap data. I would like to parent bones to the animated points to be able to export as as a fbx. How can I parent bones to this data? (mp4, .hip and csv data attached) thanks bones_animate_02.mp4 bones_animate_02.hipnc mx_allframes_eval.csv my_allframes_eval.csv mz_allframes_eval.csv
  2. Hi there I am trying to delete, or make transparent the smoke that is on the emitter. I would just like the smoke to appear, but not 'stick' to the object emitter. Any ideas? Thanks smokeTrail_mailbox_v004.hipnc smokeEmitter_v001.mov
  3. Hey Jesper - that looks great. I'll check it out, thanks!
  4. I have sparks emitting from my object based on the velocity of the object hitting it. The problem is my sparks are traveling too much in the Y direction and need to spread out more (examples, references, .hip and renders attached) Instead of manually animating the sparks in the direction I need, any ideas on how I could keep this procedural workflow while getting the sparks to travel in the direction I need? Thanks sparksContact_v004.mov sparksContact_v004.hipnc
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