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  1. Nevermind! Sorted it custompaths = "path" hou.hscript("setenv VERSION=" + custompaths) hou.hscript("varchange VERSION")
  2. hello! I am trying to get a python Variable to be brought into Houdini under the "alias and Variables" windows. I was wondering if anyone else has solve this issue and would be able to assist [ cusompaths = test hou.hscript("setenv = $custompaths") hou.hscript("varchange $custompaths") ][/code] thanks josh
  3. That makes alot of sense, ill give that a go today. Thanks for the reply Atom !
  4. Hi Guys! I am having a issue with crowds. So in the simulation have setup I have set the velocity and heading to be random in the crowd source. Although there is a specific agent I wasn't to direct where to start walking. I am finding that this isnt possible if you have set the velocity and heading to random in the crowdsource. I have attached a file, apologies i have baked the agent into the file so its little larger then i would like. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks!! Josh CROWDDIRECTIONTEST.hip
  5. Ill have a bit of a look at the hip file later today when i get some time. For now, id be checking your solver is set to swirly kernel instead of splashy kernel. Make sure you have enough sub steps in the FLIP sim, I wont comment on the suction around the body until i look at the HIP. Josh
  6. hi guys I've been tasked with creating a nuclear explosion for a current project to match this reference: been having lots of issues matching the kind of skirt of the pyro (the bit under the head of the explosion), I was wondering if you have had any tips or tricks. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks all!!
  7. Joshuazt

    Crown Splash

    managed to solve it today If anyone runs into similar issues there are the main settings I am using to get nice results. Droplet velocity: -7 surface tension: 92.5 gravity: - 0.5 grid scale: 1.5 Tanksize: 5x5x5 Velocity Transfer: Swirly Kernel
  8. Joshuazt

    Crown Splash

    Hi guys! I have to create a really nice crown splash on a current project. although I have been struggling to achieve the nice defined droplets that form at the edge. I am starting with the shelf tool for the crown splash and adjusted a lot of the settings but with no luck. If anyone had any tips or even dare I saw a sample hip file I would be extraordinarily appreciative. I have also attached my Hip file to this post. CrownSplash_v007.hip
  9. Hi Guys I have a project where I have to do a single water droplet into a thin flat puddle. I have been trying a few things, starting with a crown splash simply using a wave tank. Then blending that into a puddle mesh I have build, then using the ripple solver to add ripples potentially to the edge of the puddle. I have also tried to do the whole thing in a wave tank shaped, as my puddle. Although I am having a lot of issues keeping the edges of the puddle still in this case. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts as how you would approach this simulation and maybe is there a different technique I should be pursuing. thanks guys!
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