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  1. collision of 2 smoke objets

    Hi everyone ! Do you know how to make collide 2 pyro objects, for example one pyro going in +y direction and the other going in the -y direction and pouuff ! In the pyro solver node you can define buoyancy direction but how to define 2 different directions ? multi solver ? Thanks !
  2. export VDB data to a 3D matrix into a txt file

    thank you very much it helps me a lot I am learning a lot from your example
  3. export VDB data to a 3D matrix into a txt file

    Can someone help me on that ? I am diving in python world and found some help using houdini doc : http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/VDB.html I have basically written the function found at the link above, and I try to use this function on my vdb volume (filled inside) but it seems that the object has no attribute 'activeVoxelBoundingBox' :/ I'm 100% sure the problem comes from me, so if someone can put me on the right track I would be grateful thanks
  4. export VDB data to a 3D matrix into a txt file

    thank you !! I have to dive a bit into python coding, but I am sure I will get much quicker to the desire result with your given functions
  5. export VDB data to a 3D matrix into a txt file

    I will try to reshape data using voxel position
  6. export VDB data to a 3D matrix into a txt file

    I found some startup ideas here : https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/56423/?page=1#post-255419 I use a py node for data export, with vdb visualize tree because the py node from the link export data geometry spread sheet now I need to find how to reshape the vdb_float attribute (in relation to ptnum) from geometry spreadsheet in order to get a 3D matrix (basically, a matrix of 0 and 1 for a binary object)
  7. Hi everyone ! As says the title, I want to export scalar values attached to voxels (VDB) into a 3D matrix because I want to access to voxel data into another software (matlab) does someone know how to do that ? thanks ! Alex
  8. Attribute copy pscale from a point wrangle

    Thanks it works ! yeah I am currently learning VEX, thanks to cgwiki, entagma, houdini help, google and odforce forum coming from matlab (matrix) for data processing
  9. Attribute copy pscale from a point wrangle

    I have written: float @pscale =5; instead of f@pscale =5; now it appears as so in geometry spreadsheet (instead of 0.0) but there is no impact on sphere scale when changing pscale in the wrangle node...
  10. Hello everyone ! I can't figure out how to copy the attribute pscale (from a wrangle) onto a sphere... I am sure I am missing something because it should be straightforward see attached figure Thanks and sorry for the low level question
  11. Print an array element for debugging

    concerning primuv, this is not from me but cgwiki, it seems to work as I am projecting points on my semi-phere as shown in attachment
  12. Print an array element for debugging

    ok I understand thanks for the advice !
  13. Print an array element for debugging

    Another question which is a step further... but still low level I want to access to a specific float attribute called d (related to a distance), I have tried attrib, point, pointattrib... I don't understand how to access to the nth value of d. Moreover I don't understand what mean the integer "&success" in the help function In the example in attachment I would expect to get 1.49176 instead of 30 times "0.0000" thanks ! Alexandre
  14. Print an array element for debugging

    Ahhh yes... thank you I'm still a noob
  15. Hi everyone ! I'm learning VEX (from CGwiki and Entagma) and I don't understand why the result of the following code is 0 whereas it should be 3... what did I misunderstand ? int myarray[] = {2, 3, 4, 5}; int foo = myarray[1]; printf("%i \n",i@foo); Thanks ! Alexandre