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  1. houdini 17 (popfluid)

    have you take a look at this ?
  2. UV map saturn rings in Mantra

    well it's working just stay on facet node
  3. UV map saturn rings in Mantra

    using the facet node I managed to split polygon, now I messing with UVs nodes
  4. UV map saturn rings in Mantra

    here is how it's done in blender but can't find a way to reproduce it in houdini (https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/92812/how-can-i-assign-an-image-texture-on-a-circle)
  5. Hi houdinist ! I am trying to apply saturn ring texture in mantra but I failed to reproduce the texture mapping in attachement (done in blender), someone could help ? I tried to rotate UV by an angle of 90° over each face, but I don't know how to achieve this hip file in attachment with saturn ring texture thanks Alex ring.hipnc
  6. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Mantra GPU

    Ohh I see... thanks

    Hi everyone ! reopening the topic because I am trying to do exactly the same thing but the gradient is repeating over and over each section, can someone help me to figure out where I make a mistake ? Thanks Alex colonization_growth.hiplc
  9. collision of 2 smoke objets

    Hi everyone ! Do you know how to make collide 2 pyro objects, for example one pyro going in +y direction and the other going in the -y direction and pouuff ! In the pyro solver node you can define buoyancy direction but how to define 2 different directions ? multi solver ? Thanks !
  10. export VDB data to a 3D matrix into a txt file

    thank you very much it helps me a lot I am learning a lot from your example
  11. export VDB data to a 3D matrix into a txt file

    Can someone help me on that ? I am diving in python world and found some help using houdini doc : http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/VDB.html I have basically written the function found at the link above, and I try to use this function on my vdb volume (filled inside) but it seems that the object has no attribute 'activeVoxelBoundingBox' :/ I'm 100% sure the problem comes from me, so if someone can put me on the right track I would be grateful thanks
  12. export VDB data to a 3D matrix into a txt file

    thank you !! I have to dive a bit into python coding, but I am sure I will get much quicker to the desire result with your given functions
  13. export VDB data to a 3D matrix into a txt file

    I will try to reshape data using voxel position
  14. export VDB data to a 3D matrix into a txt file

    I found some startup ideas here : https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/56423/?page=1#post-255419 I use a py node for data export, with vdb visualize tree because the py node from the link export data geometry spread sheet now I need to find how to reshape the vdb_float attribute (in relation to ptnum) from geometry spreadsheet in order to get a 3D matrix (basically, a matrix of 0 and 1 for a binary object)
  15. Hi everyone ! As says the title, I want to export scalar values attached to voxels (VDB) into a 3D matrix because I want to access to voxel data into another software (matlab) does someone know how to do that ? thanks ! Alex