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  1. How to extract goal of a spotlight in vex

    Thanks a lot!!! I didn't think about cone functionality! I try with different lighting, it works very well!! Thanks!
  2. Hi ! I have an object and a light. I want to create an attribute on the points of my object that are directly illuminated by my light. 1 when the point is illuminated, 0 when it's not. For now I have this : 4@m = optransform('/obj/hlight1'); vector lightDirection = set(0, 0, 1) * 4@m; float result = dot(- lightDirection, @N); result = fit(result, 0.99, 1, 0, 1); @Cd = set(result, result, result); The problem is that I get a value on my result even when the goal of my spotlight isn't in the direction of my object. In fact, it only takes care of my light's center. I want it to take care of my light direction but I can't find where to get the goal or target parameters (tx,ty,tz). Can you help me guys ? I join the scene attached. LightDirection.hipnc