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  1. Houdini 16 + 2017/16 MacBook Pro

    I recently bought the latest MacBook Pro and I am had a ton of issues with H16 QT5. QT4 is better but I still have rendering problems. Mantra generates the scene for at least 22 seconds every time I render. Very annoying. So not a very pleasant experience with H16 and MBP 17. Would not recommend it at the moment.
  2. Laptop Quadro or GTX, pros & cons

    Hello people! I am buying a laptop workstation to use while traveling for a few months later this year and I don't know if I should buy a laptop with a Quadro or a GTX card in it. What are the pros & cons? (price excluded) Does Houdini run better in general on Quadro cards? Also, feel free to drop some laptop recommendations if you have any! I've got my eyes on a Dell Precision 7710. Best regards, //Simon
  3. Hair & fur : simulation problem in Houdini 16

    Hey! I have the exact same error even while using just a sphere. It worked fine for around 20 minutes or so until it stopped working and gave me that same error. The error disappeared for a few minutes by deleting both of the hair nodes and then undoing the delete. I have not found any other "solution" than that.