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  1. Camera grids

    In C4D there is a grid function for the camera and I'm wondering if Houdini camera have also this function to display golden ratio, grids, etc?
  2. Stick points to growing geometry

    It was just a quick setup to try your suggested solution. The real setup is driven by cost propagation and doesn't use any solvers so the principle should be the same I believe. Maybe there is a simpler solution like you have mentioned before. I probably need to find another way of applying the propagation effect.
  3. Stick points to growing geometry

    I'm using this simple setup but I'm still not sure how to use the minpos function to make it work. Here is my file, I appreciate if you can push me in the right direction. growth.hiplc
  4. How do I stick points in place to growing geometry? Currently, when the geometry is growing and the points are adding and changing point numbers so if I copy anything on to them, everything is moving around. So the final solution would be to make the scattered points stick in the same place.
  5. Activate Alembic with proximity to camera

    Yes, this helpful. Thank you.
  6. I have Alembic animation scattered in my scene. I would like to activate each alembic with proximity to my camera. When my camera gets close to an object alembic is activated and animated. Does someone know how to approach such a problem?
  7. Alembic pscale export

    Here is what I'm exporting, pscale is there. In alembic pscale is missing. Not sure why.
  8. Alembic pscale export

    Yes, its there when exporting it to Alembic. In Alembic I can see several other attributes such as age, life, id etc except pscale.
  9. Alembic pscale export

    Is there a workflow to export particle animation to Alembic with a pscale included in the file?
  10. Houdini particle size in Maya

    Its 2020, did someone figure out how to render out pscale with alembic?
  11. Isometric view

    Is it possible to set up a camera in the isometric view in Houdini?
  12. Is it possible to use debrissource sop with alembic animation? exp.hiplc
  13. Texture on Flip

    I couldn't make 2nd file to work with H17.5. I assume it has something to do with how to connect the source to a FLIP solver. This has changed with the new version. If someone knows how to convert it to the new version of Houdini I would be happy to see it as well.
  14. Retime simulation

    Thanks. With some keyframing, this works.
  15. Retime simulation

    What is the best way to retime and control the speed of a simulation? My desired effect is high speed and upon collision slowing down like 100 times for 5 seconds and then go back to the original speed. retime.hiplc