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  1. Constrain random rotation to 90/180/270 degree

    much cleaner, thank you
  2. Constrain random rotation to 90/180/270 degree

    Thats amazing, thank you.
  3. I copy the small grids to each point of the grid template and now I would like to rotate them in randomly so they snap to 90/180 and 270-degree intervals in Y-axis. Is there an easy way to solve it in VEX or with VOPS?
  4. Smoke follows surface

    More like billowy smoke wrapping up an object instead of bouncing off an object. With particles, you would probably solve it with collision detection and slide on the surface. I'm curious how to do this effect with smoke instead.
  5. Colored smoke artifacts

    On my render frame, it looks like alpha and color channels cut out part of the smoke. Density looks good but after applying Cd and Alpha those artifacts appear in my render. Does someone know how to deal with this or at least what it is? I have approx 40-50m voxels, I believe the pixelated look comes from there.
  6. qLib Volume Remap

    Got this message from the qLib team... "The "Frame" parameter should be animated with a retime curve. However, this node is retained for 16.5, from 17.0 it's better to use the built-in Retime SOP. It essentially does the same thing but will be 2-3 times faster (as it's C++ and not VEX)."
  7. qLib Volume Remap

    I did that but the problem is that nothing is showing up in my viewport. As soon I'm activating the node the smoke is gone. Could you send me a basic example?
  8. qLib Volume Remap

    Does someone have experience with this? I can't make it work. I have cached 100 frames of animation and my timeline is set to 200. After adding it after cache nothing shows up in my viewport. Nothing is processed either. Do I need to configure it in a different way? I have density and vel going in.
  9. Smoke color fading out

    I have the basic sim with colored smoke and at the beginning of the sim the color is vibrant and in the end the color is fading out to almost white. How can I keep the same color intensity over time?
  10. Pyro diagnostics

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
  11. Pyro diagnostics

    I've been trying to normalize the volumes where possible and on import I created vop node with normalized Cd. Is there some other way I could normalize the volumes to stay within the range? Also, how can I read out values to see where my volumes are out of range? I'm learning this and all input is appreciated.
  12. Pyro diagnostics

    I'm curious how to use diagnostics to find errors in the sims. I have a pyro sim and when I'm running diagnostics it tells me the grids failed the test. Yet everything is working like expected. Is it something to take seriously or not? Any advice about this would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Smoke follows surface

    I have a smoke and geo collision and I would like to smoke not bounce off the surface rather slide on it. Is it something you can solve with micro solvers or do you need to use particles sliding on the surface and use it as a smoke source?
  14. collision of 2 smoke objets

    Better late than never. If you still looking for a solution, here is a basic setup. Cheers. collisionSmoke.hiplc
  15. Colored smoke gasupres with Redshift

    Thanks for reaching out and for sharing this. I looked into your setup yesterday. It took me some time to understand that I need to normalize color values in order to get rid of unwanted artifacts. Also, the setup I'm using is with sparse smoke and solver. I believe the procedure is the same with some minor tweaks.