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  1. Does someone know why I'm getting this error with vellum hair? Its a very simple scene with a spline only causing the error and crashes. H19.5.368 clBuildProgram (-11) 1 error generated. OpenCL Exception: <kernel>:1907:20: error: blocks support disabled - compile with -fblocks or for OpenCL 2.0
  2. I had problems rendering with Redshift because in color settings, H19.5 using C:/Program Files/SideFX/sidefx_packages/SideFXLabs19.5/misc/labs_ocio/aces_config.ocio Changing this to C:\ProgramData\Redshift\Data\OCIO solves the problem. My env document pointing to ACES #ACES export OCIO="C:\ProgramData\Redshift\Data\OCIO" The problem now is saving this as default and closing Houdini reverting it back to the labs OCIO settings and not saving it. How can I make it save and keep the RS ACES file?
  3. I would like to take a cube and divide it into 4 smaller cubs and then divide those 4 cubs into 4 smaller ones. Is it easy to set it up? The idea is to have all sides of the cube after using exploding view sop. It's like adding subdivisions and creating new cubs inside the main cube.
  4. Thank you, I can see now several ways to solve it. Pscale is probably the simplest and cleanest, to keep the detail attribute you could promote it from point to detail.
  5. I can't see my attribute when using the "detail" path to the ForEach node. How can I transfer the attribute to the Transform node? forEach.hiplc
  6. I'm looking for a way to stick points to a moving object's volume. The idea is to create volume, fill out object with points and make them move along the object sticking to the same position. Normally this could be easily solved when scattering points on the surface and using attribute interpolate to make them stick to the surface but in this case it needs to be scattered points on volume. I also tried points from volume but I couldn't make it work as they are only static in the world space.
  7. Right, I completely overlook this. Thank you.
  8. In C4D there is a camera offset option and I'm looking for the same function in Houdini. Does someone know how to create it or where to find it?
  9. Totally. When I imported the FBX animation asset, Houdini created a new take automatically. Good to know. Thank you
  10. I opened Houdini project today and all parameters in all nodes in the project are locked and greyed out. How can I resolve it?
  11. Does someone know any topics where I could find more info on how to set up volume normals so if something collides with them I will be able to direct the collision direction?
  12. I'm running into this quite often so I thought to check if you have any easy workflow to achieve this effect. I would like to assign random textures or materials to particles sim. Let's say I have a sim with 100 points where I copy geo spheres to each one. Normally when I'm assigning a material to the SOP I see only 1 material as expected distributed over all geo. But if I have 4 different materials and I would like to assign them to the same particle sim and geo, how do I do that? It could be that you want to have equal distribution of 25% of each material over those 100 points.
  13. I have a fluid sim, on those points I would like to attach material with textures but all I get is black spheres. If I use Attribute from the map and in Redshift use particle attribute with Cd attribute, everything works fine. How can use textures instead?
  14. That was simple, thank you! I was also trying to figure out how to create resistance for the velocity. Let's say the floor has noise and those values should slow down or speed up the velocity traveling on the surface. I tried to import the color to pop net but after that, I don't really know how to move on. Is it easy to solve by transferring color values from the surface to velocity? speedResistace.hiplc
  15. I would like to control velocity with color. Each color adds its value to velocity. How do I set it up? Right now when I'm adding the color velocity goes in all random directions. I would like to use Normals as direction and Color as speed. colorSpeed.hiplc
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