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  1. Isometric view

    Is it possible to set up a camera in the isometric view in Houdini?
  2. Is it possible to use debrissource sop with alembic animation? exp.hiplc
  3. Texture on Flip

    I couldn't make 2nd file to work with H17.5. I assume it has something to do with how to connect the source to a FLIP solver. This has changed with the new version. If someone knows how to convert it to the new version of Houdini I would be happy to see it as well.
  4. Retime simulation

    Thanks. With some keyframing, this works.
  5. Retime simulation

    What is the best way to retime and control the speed of a simulation? My desired effect is high speed and upon collision slowing down like 100 times for 5 seconds and then go back to the original speed. retime.hiplc
  6. Animation workflow

    Ok, I understand. Need to just try to understand when to animate in which context. I guess its just a matter of creating the project and keep track of the best way to organize your structures from the beginning. Sometimes I feel like it can be a bit messy with the structures, node levels.
  7. Animation workflow

    I'm trying to understand the best workflow for animation and I would like to hear your take on how you animate stuff. What I'm trying to turn my head around is if should animate inside SOP (transform) or outside SOP. Also, what are the cons and pros of doing so?
  8. Vellum Cloth Crumple

    A combination of animated restlength and your suggestion for collision object to get nice ball shape.
  9. Vellum Cloth Crumple

    The very first test, not yet controlled but a good start.
  10. Vellum Cloth Crumple

    After some experiments, I think the more natural effect could be achieved by changing rest length to a smaller value and use collider object to create a shape.
  11. Vellum freeze shape

    I'm curious how to freeze vellum growing shape, for instance, a balloon? Let's say I want to inflate an object and at some point when the object reaches its final shape I would like to freeze there. Right now I tried to animate rest length and as soon I change this setting my shapes are losing its shape.
  12. Vellum Cloth Crumple

    Does someone know how to crumple cloth into let's say a ball in vellum?
  13. I'm emitting smoke with colors. After adding and creating dop fields import with density, vel and Cd channel for rendering the colors are not visible in the render. When I'm visualizing them as color channel everything works fine. How can I make volume colors visible in Redshift render?
  14. Smoke interaction

    I would like to make 2 smoke sources to interact with each other. How can I set up my scene to make it happen? smoke.hipnc