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  1. Ocean Spectrum displacement

    Hello everyone, I was doing some Ocean test using guided ocean spectrum . Sim is done but while rendering i want to change the spectrum and when i an giving new spectrum for displacement and mask it not taking those mask and the sim area is also getting effected by displacement. i am attaching two images and file . guys please check once and help me out. So in one image its coming proper because of the old spectrum and in other image i have template the new spectrum which is giving error. Thanks Rahul Ocean_Spectrum.hip
  2. Hi guys i need help in Fisheye rendering of geometry while using redshift Render or mantra in houdini . Any idea how to do that. Thanks Rahul
  3. Hi guys i need help in Spherical rendering of geometry while using redshift Render in houdini . While using Redshift in maya we can change the Camera type to Spherical. I am not getting Same kind of option in houdini any other way to do Spherical rendering while using redshift or mantra.
  4. Flip

    Thanks Dam its working
  5. Flip

    Thanks, Dam You can take the file from here. Flip_Turbulence.hip
  6. Flip

    Hi Everyone I want to add turbulence to flip particle but not to every particle in the container. I made a box and which ever particles come inside the box only those particles will get affected by turbulence. Can any one help me on this? Thanks Rahul
  7. Boolean Sop

    Hi Everyone i am following Rohan Davli Vehicle tutorial. But I am stuck at Boolean Sop it giving an error. Because of that error, all the primitive group are getting 0 and I am not able to give a shade to that primitive. Because its showing that there is no geometry in that group which i made before the Boolean Sop.
  8. Hi, i am following Steven Knipping Houdini rigid 2. I install the Houdini 16 apprentice version and I am stuck with the group node. In the video, Steven creates point group and the convert those point into primitive by group node. but when i use the group node its not creating any group. and when i try with a sphere it working out. There is no tab to convert point to primitive. I try with attribute promote but still getting error. it will be very helpful if someone can explain me the new group node in Houdini 16.