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  1. bitmaps controlling glue strength in RBD

    Thanks a lot Sepu! You've filled in some of the wide gaps in my knowledge. Thanks for helping me understand this better! -Rob
  2. I'm trying to set up Houdini 18 SOP RBD systems combining different fracture methods together going into one rbdbulletSolver. I have everything working but one element I would love to add is the ability to control glue strength with bitmaps. I know there are clusters and procedural ways to vary glue strength but for art direction purposes I would like to use a grey scale bit map to color points scattered on geo in proximity to the constraint primitives, change their color to the grey scale values, then use those values as multipliers of a strength value. In this example file I am coloring scattered points with a color node instead of bitmap to make the file easier to but it should work the same way. Tutorials I've found are not working for me. Hoping to find some help. Thanks color_to_glue_strength_attempt.hiplc
  3. connecting seperate glue networks

    Thanks Pusat. I'm guessing there's a way to get this technique to work with pieces from different fracture/glue systems? Need to find a path to learn a bit more about VEX coding, it looks like, to get anywhere.
  4. connecting seperate glue networks

    Thanks Yon, that gives me something to chew on!
  5. connecting seperate glue networks

    Thanks for the reply Yon! I'm wondering, though, if there isn't a way to do it without having to select specific areas by hand. For instance I'd like to use this technique on larger sims such as an entire building where the bricks would have one glue strength and the wood frame a different glue strength. So there would be a brick glue system and a wood glue system but then a third system only for wood pieces and brick pieces that are near to each other. I thought that, just as pieces in an ordinary glue system are connected only to adjacent pieces, there might be a way to connect to adjacent pieces that are in a different system.
  6. Hi, I'm pretty new at Houdini and am trying to find a way to get fractured objects from different glue networks to glue together. For instance, I want the wood of a window frame to have different glue strength than the glass in the widnow, so the glass shatters more easily than the wood. But I also want the edges of the glass to be glued to the frame. My attempts so far only manage to glue every piece of glass and wood together in a third network which is not what I want; I want only the glass pieces adjacent to the wood to glue together. Is there a way to do this procedurally? Thanks
  7. manipulating 'strength' in 'glue adjacent pieces'

    Thanks for the tips, adrianr, that gives me something to chew on!
  8. Hello, I'm trying to add some variance to the 'strength' attribute of 'glue adjacent pieces'. I tried using 'glue clusters, but I can't seem to get them to reliably affect the 'glue adjacent pieces' strength attribute- the nodes have changed in recent versions of Houdini and set ups from earlier versions don't really translate. Another method I would like to try is using an 'attribute from map' node to apply color from a bitmap, which would be used to multiply the strength attribute in 'glue adjacent pieces', but I'm having trouble setting that up as well. One question for either method is, is the 'glue adjacent pieces' strength attribute global, affecting each glue primitive the same way, or can it be manipulated to affect different glue primitives differently? I'm new at Houdini and would appreciate any info or a push in the right direction. Thanks