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  1. might be you are using the Apprentice version and trying to use Arnold with it. Does not work. You need another Houdini version.
  2. I have the same, don't know how to solve it. I'm using Houdini 18.5 and RedsShift 3.0.38. I'm trying to build this C4D tutorial into Houdini, but it is not working at all. 5 minutes in the tutorial and Houdini is not giving me the same results. I never get this dense (black) volume. I have tried increasing the @density==100. Looks good and dense in the viewport, but never in the render. There used to be a Volume enable check box on the Geometry node (Redshift OBJ tab), but this is not in there no more, maybe that is where the problem is.
  3. Hello, How do you control the birth rate of particles based on the velocity of the source object. So if source object (eg broken wall pieces) stop moving, I don't want particles to spawn there anymore. My emission type is set to POINTS (so I can't use the Emission Attributes). I also have no RBD objects in my DOP network, only POP SOURCE, POPSOLVER, POPOBJECT. How do I grab the velocity and use it in the birth rate field? I also made an @emitSpeed attribute in SOPs. Which works, it goes to zero if the source points stop moving. But I can't write 1000*@emitSpeed in the Const. Birth Rate field. regards r-a-n-d-o-m
  4. Yes, this is true, but these values are given to each point on the wire. So one wire will have different values on each point. So not the whole wire is given 1 value. I also changed it to a primitive attribute so that the whole wire (primitive) has one value, but I don't see a result in the sim. It looks like the wire sim is using one value on all of the wires.
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply. I have tried this approach, but this assigns this value to ALL of the wires. I want to give each wire an individual value.
  6. Hello, I've been playing with the wire solver and have this basic setup: A couple of wires on a grid falling down on the ground. What I would like to do is give every wire a different elasticity. Now the elasticity is set for the whole wire object and everything that is inside it. How can you address each individual wire and give it a random elasticity value? Thanks in advance. WireSolver_01_BasicSetup_01.hipnc
  7. Thanks for the reply. This could be a nice feature for the next Houdini update. Also for instructors this is useful, so students can quickly see what has been changed.
  8. Hi, I noticed that when you change a parameter it becomes bold, so that it stands out from the default values. I was wondering if it is possible to also change the color of those parameters? So to quicker see what parameters you have changed. regards Yves
  9. Hi, I have a question about APPLY RELATIONSHIP. When I use it with PIN constraint it works but I want to use HINGE in stead (to avoid that the spheres start to rotate), but APPLY RELATIONSHIP doesn't accept it (warning:wrong type), why is this? What is the workaround then? Any tips?
  10. Found the solution: you need to scale the connections to 0 after the connect adjacent pieces SOP. I did this with a Primitive SOP.
  11. Hello odforcers, I have a simple cone twist setup: a series of planks next to each other, with some spacing in between. The spacing is the issue. When I sim this, the cone twist pulls the planks together first, ignoring the spacing. This is not what I want ! Although I have activated rest length in the connect adjacent pieces SOP, the cone twist seems to ignore this. Is there a way to keep the spacing? https://www.dropbox.com/s/bvs573bdgxh9a1i/ConeTwist_01.hipnc?dl=0
  12. Yes! It's the second one I was after. So, in conclusion: Box 1 has a pin constraint (constraint type "position" only) Between Box 1 and 2: Instead of using a Pin constraint with constraint type "rotation" (H13), we now (H16) have to use a ConeTwist Constraint (constraint type "all") to get the same effect. Thank you Matt!! (and keep up the good work you are doing on Tokeru.com!)
  13. The 2 boxes used to stick together with a rotation constraint only and the second box didn't fall down.
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