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  1. Hi, I have some particles that I was trying to use instance to Copy lights on them. But I want to control their intensity base on random point/id numbers, so each particle will follow different intensity. I couldn't come up with a way to control the lights intensity for each individual particle separately. I came up with the idea of using copy stamping after my popnetwork node. but I need to use a way such as object merge, but unfortunately it doesn't support lights. I would like to know if there is anyway to import light in my nodes with something like Object merge. Any idea that how can I do that or how can I control each individual lights intensity based on random id/point number? Thanks
  2. Great! I am using Houdini 15.5 and it works well. Thanks a lot.
  3. Do you mean that I can have some nodes without any connections to my other nodes?! So just copy that JKID in my shader is enough?
  4. I have found the link below that the person put a sample file. I looked at it and tried to do the same things on my shaders. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/30157/ there was no problem for the Mantra Surface nodes because they have the Dif Int input. but for the Principled shader I don't see the Dif Int input! any way to add that attribute to the principled shader? Michel I am googling your method now.
  5. Thanks to F1...... as well hehe Yeah, Gonna add that button here on my keyboard.
  6. I know it is stupid! the problem that I was always getting the black result was that I didn't change the background color and it was always Black so it was not generating any lights! Thanks man. Everything works great now!
  7. OH! I got it now! I think the problem that I was keep getting black result was that the number of Max RA Distance was too high by defult. Thanks Man! That is working now! Cyril Method works also!
  8. Thank you Ben, I am going to try the method you mentioned.
  9. I am not sure, cuz when I tried with ENV light it does give me a black result because it is a closed environment, so there is not any place for the ENV light to pass trough my space.
  10. Thank you Tomas, But I don't think if the method with ENV light works in my situatio.
  11. It is working now! I do remember I have tried it before and was not working! I have created a new scene with a new shader yesterday, same as what you did and was nor working! gonna try it in my scene now. Thanks a lot Cyril!
  12. Thank you for your help, I don't have access to Houdini 16 and I am working with houdini 15.5. I have opened your file and it is not giving me the AO. I have actually tried this way and couldn't get an AO from it. I have tried many methods from yesterday and non of them works for me. specially when I have an objects inside a closed object. (I know your example is like that also but it doesn't work for me :| )
  13. no problem man, I totally understand you and I know that my question is something that soppose to be simple. but I just can't get it right! I am ok to modify the shaders but not like a pro, cuz I came from 3ds max and Maya background. I can get the AO right for any objects. but when I have the objects inside another objects, everything will be black.
  14. the question might be basic but I can't spend like months to read all the docs now to find the answer. My scene is ready to render so I thought maybe there is an easy and quick method to do it, specially because the situation in my scene is something unusual as the space is a closed space. I am learning Houdini, and asking a question here doesn't mean I don't google things or I don't look at the Houdini docs. Thanks anyway
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