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  1. about delete constraint

    l have a metaball and glue constraint , l am sure l can delete constraint by use metaball in sop!!! but when l do it in rbdbulletsolver , use the same way , it is not work, l do not know why , please help me
  2. vex rbd

    sorry l am not good at English: l need use vex to achieve this function so i do this in vex; but l am fail , l do not know why , please help me
  3. thank you,master,it is great
  4. thank you , you are amazing
  5. or , are you have some simple way to calculate how many "/" in path attribute . please tell me. thank you
  6. hello how can convert string attribute into array attribute . like this cause my aim is l want to calculate how many "/" in path attribute so l try to do this and will use foreach function to relaise it think you . oppppppp english is toooooooooo hard
  7. about $OS

    Thank you very much
  8. about $OS

    forgive me my bad english l am so sorry l could not to organized my world better. l use it create an attribute like this the attirbute name is $OS (an expression language mean "object name") but in fact ! l want use the attribute node read obj level node object name ! as my attribute node created attribute name look this
  9. Hello everyone . l need help l dont konw how to describle it . so for example , l want make something call $APP , it like $JOB and $hip , can give me a pathway . so how to do that . by the way , have a nice day (l not good at english)
  10. about vex

    Thank you .
  11. about vex

    Hello . forgive me my badEnglish . sometime l use vex to create a "ramp" like this ; but this ramp type is " float" l want directly create a ramp is "color " type like this So please teach me if you know ; thinks
  12. SDF in DOP

    yes, you can. suggest you check a node call …“gas match file”
  13. hey l want make sence of "combustion " node . it is hard for me . could you recommend me some tutorial . thank you l want use "gasfieldvop" to come ture "gascombustion" effect . but they do not like sop hard for me to
  14. about flip_book

    thanks all ;
  15. Hello everyone . in vex have a function is random_shash (it can change string into int) . so my question is could l use expression to achieve it .( l mean use attribute node expression)? how to do it ? by the way: steve thank you .