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  1. Here's my abc file, thanks for taking the time! dolphin_ani_248_406.abc
  2. I looked at your file and everything seemed to be working, however when I started using my alembic file, the animation affect continued no matter which static or animated node i was viewing. I replaced the font and extrude node with an alembic and it still continued to animate. What am I doing wrong? Or does this method not work with abc files?
  3. Wow thank you, it was so simple! This is exactly what I was looking for!
  4. Hi, I'm a beginner at Houdini so forgive me if I am not familiar with a lot of things. I have converted some moving geometry (alembic) into a cloud and it is moving quite quickly. I want to be able to alter the animated noise effect on my geometry so that it doesn't use world space noise as it moves too quickly. I understand that this effect works well with slow drifting clouds but my geometry is not moving slowly. If I can't alter the rate at which the noise animates then I would also be interested in removing it entirely. At the moment I am using a cloud node and a cloud noise node. I'm unsure about how to achieve this so any help would be greatly appreciated!