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  1. object velocity into a fluid

    Ok, I understand. Thank you for you help I appreciated
  2. object velocity into a fluid

    Other question. If want add some noise in the vel and keep the shape of my object ? Need to set that before or after the fluid source ?
  3. object velocity into a fluid

    AMAZING ! Thank you for this ! You helpful me a lot.
  4. Hi ! I did a water simulation with houdini 16. I create a source volume for my sphere to add after the velocity with a source volume in the DOPNetwork. It's working. But my problem it's the visualization. When I increase my resolution we can see the pattern of the velocity * plane * This plane come to the source volume velocity. I just want to break this shape. I just want a vel follow my initial shape * my sphere* and do not a plane or cube. So if someone can help me Thank you !