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  1. Hqueue error when rendering existing IFD

    Ok, NVM, installed gnome. Everything works now. HQueue setup was pure fun
  2. Hqueue error when rendering existing IFD

    Well, just a though... It seems that hq_render ROP returns hq_cross_platform_ifd while hqlib.py uses cross_platform_ifd everywhere. Hmmm... Do I need to edit hqlib.py and recompile to hqlib.pyc, or (hopefully) there's a better way? PS. Or am I completely off the track... BTW, can not see anything regarding cross platform rendering in HQPARMS section of Diagnostics information HQPARMS: { "frames_per_job": 1, "dirs_to_create": [], "project_name": "v_mantra", "frame_skip": 1.0, "start_frame": 1.0, "end_frame": 1.0, "max_hosts_per_job": 1, "min_hosts_per_job": 1, "ifd_path": "/Library/HQServer/HQShared/test/mantra.ifd", "render_frame_order": "linear_order", "use_render_tracker": 0, "enable_checkpoints": true } My hqueue server is on macOS, if that is relevant. Feeling kinda lost...
  3. Greetings everyone. Struggling with setting up network rendering with Houdini 16.5. I use "use existing IFD" option and, unfortunately, can not use 'render current HIP file', because my hqclients running headless (nonGUI). Submitted jobs are failing with Warning: prepareIFDRender() got an unexpected parameter 'enable_checkpoints'. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/HQShared/houdini_distros/hfs.linux-x86_64/houdini/scripts/hqueue/hq_prepare_ifd_render.py", line 27, in <module> hqlib.callFunctionWithHQParms(hqlib.prepareIFDRender) File "/home/HQShared/houdini_distros/hfs16.5.405-linux-x86_64/houdini/scripts/hqueue/hqlib.py", line 1482, in callFunctionWithHQParms function.__name__, parm_name)) TypeError: prepareIFDRender() takes the parameter 'cross_platform_ifd' (not given) in log. Could please somebody explain how to set 'cross_platform_ifd' correctly. Thanks in advance.