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  1. Smoke follow (fast) animated curve

    @char - Thanks for this (good timing!) I havent had a go with clustering at all yet - ive heard its a bit of a beast to set up and im on a tight deadline, but thanks for the link. @Atom - Awesome man, thank you! Really appreciate you taking the time to look through that file, the custom drag method looks really cool, and opens the door for much more directability for other fx. Nice one!
  2. Whitewater and masked simulations

    Hey, just wanted to point you in the direction of this amazing tutorial, which im sure contains exactly what you are looking for. You may be able to sign up for a 30 day free trial - so give it a bash! https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/houdini-intermediate-ocean-fx Hope it helps, Cheers, C
  3. Smoke follow (fast) animated curve

    hips and animated curve below if anyone can help! SmokeAlongCurve.hiplc AnimatedCurve_Substepped_02.abc
  4. Smoke follow (fast) animated curve

    Hey Everyone, i'm hoping someone could help me with this problem. In a nutshell, i need to move smoke down an animated path, so that it sticks really tightly to the paths animation, but with all the dynamism a smoke sim brings to the table, i.e. nice peeling away around all the edges etc - I have a fairly fast moving alembic curve - cached out with 10 substeps. (may not be needed but there if i do) - I am using pops with curve force to fire particles down the path, so they follow the curve closely. - Then im using the particles to source density, and also adding their velocity into the sim so that it makes the smoke move along the curve. - Im using a high dissipation value so that i can tighten up the expansion so you can really get a sense of where the curve is / maintain the shape. My issues lie generally in 2 places: 1. Where the animated curve is moving the most - the smoke / velocities struggle to catch up and i end up with a hard edge. 2. Where the curve is tangentially facing inwards in relation to the curve, the velocities 'add' the other way, also creating a hard edge. To try and illustrate what im after - if i could animate a regular smoke sim down a straight path and then warp it into an animated spline shape / spline wrap effect, this would be the best way to achieve it, but im really not sure if is possible - hence this approach. I have already tried upping substeps - but it didnt make any difference. My gut feeling is that the problem lies within how i am sourcing the velocity. I will point out that i am very much in my houdini infancy, so my ability to problem solve isn't great (yet!) Has anyone worked on a similar effect before, or does anyone have any tips/tricks/tuts on how to achieve what im after? Any/All help very much appreciated! Cheers, C SmokeAlongCurve.mp4
  5. More Particles Following a PATH!

    Hey @christianl013, I've got a similar problem where i need to use multiple curves to contol a pop sim with curve force; would you mind sharing with me how you achieved it with pcopen? Thanks in advance! Cheers, C
  6. CloseUp, HiRes Pyro/Smoke renders

    Thanks both for your suggestions. After rendering the detail doesnt seem to be as much as problem as i first thought it would be. Staring at stills all day doesnt help, watching it in motion changed my perspective a lot!
  7. Hey, i am currently working on some fairly close up, hires smoke/density simulations (4k/8k) and am struggling a little with definition / voxel count. I am fairly inexperienced when it comes to this type of resolution, and am wondering what is to be expected in terms of voxel count. atm my volumes look a little blurry, but upping the voxels isnt making a huge difference in terms of resolution. Should i be expecting to be working with huge numbers of voxels when the resolution increases, especially when i have to go up to 8k? Or shouldn't any of this matter and my sim just looks rubbish im currently hitting 42m voxels on a div size of 0.009 (my sim scale is smallish), with a smoke object box size of 17,2,1 Any info/advice/past life experiences on this subject much appreciated! Cheers, B *Its worth noting i am rendering these with redshift, and dont have access to volume sampling / restdata etc... i wish mantra was faster for these tight turnaround jobs
  8. Thanks to everyone on this thread - it's been really, really helpful! Did anybody figure out why the fastglow shops dont show up in reflections? And, if anyone figured out how to do it? Cheers, C
  9. Copy Stamping alternatives?

    Thank you to both of you for taking the time out look at my question, it's much appreciated. toadstorm - had a quick look at your post and that looks like exactly the thing i'm looking for! I much prefer to read through an explanation, so that's great, thank you! It seems like i've decided to pick up Houdini at strange intersection in time - lots of new and better ways of doing things i.e. the move to VEX, point SOP restructuring etc. Makes the learning curve that little bit steeper, but would rather learn the new way once to get me prepped for the future. Cheers, Cez
  10. Hi Everyone, First post here and beginner level at Houdini so a nudge in the right direction would be great I have saved out a wind turbine model with a group called blades, and am copy stamping this .bgeo across a grid. I'm then using a point wrangle to create an attribute "id" and assigning a random value based on @ptnum, which is plugged into the stamp and a "blades" transform node further up the tree to offset the rotation of the blades. Its super slow playback in the viewport - even with pack before copying checked etc. I've read a few posts that suggest copy stamping isn't the way to go post H15 - could anyone point me to a good explanation of whats going on here and any possible solutions to better performance? I did run the performance monitor on my setup and its no doubt the transform node with the expression reference to the copy stamp that's causing it. Im running H16.5 NC - Any suggestions / further reading will be much appreciated! Cez CopyStampOffset.hipnc TurbineGroup_01.bgeo