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  1. Copy Stamping alternatives?

    Thank you to both of you for taking the time out look at my question, it's much appreciated. toadstorm - had a quick look at your post and that looks like exactly the thing i'm looking for! I much prefer to read through an explanation, so that's great, thank you! It seems like i've decided to pick up Houdini at strange intersection in time - lots of new and better ways of doing things i.e. the move to VEX, point SOP restructuring etc. Makes the learning curve that little bit steeper, but would rather learn the new way once to get me prepped for the future. Cheers, Cez
  2. Hi Everyone, First post here and beginner level at Houdini so a nudge in the right direction would be great I have saved out a wind turbine model with a group called blades, and am copy stamping this .bgeo across a grid. I'm then using a point wrangle to create an attribute "id" and assigning a random value based on @ptnum, which is plugged into the stamp and a "blades" transform node further up the tree to offset the rotation of the blades. Its super slow playback in the viewport - even with pack before copying checked etc. I've read a few posts that suggest copy stamping isn't the way to go post H15 - could anyone point me to a good explanation of whats going on here and any possible solutions to better performance? I did run the performance monitor on my setup and its no doubt the transform node with the expression reference to the copy stamp that's causing it. Im running H16.5 NC - Any suggestions / further reading will be much appreciated! Cez CopyStampOffset.hipnc TurbineGroup_01.bgeo